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Innovation is a top priority at the HSWT: The Centre for Research and Knowledge Transfer ensures this. Its teams support and advise on research projects, transfer activities and academic career.

Centre for Research and Knowledge Transfer

The Centre for Research and Knowledge Transfer (ZFW) is a central institution of the University of applied sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf (HSWT). The ZFW sees itself as a coordination and service point for all research, knowledge and technology transfer as well as start-up and invention activities at the HSWT.

Five teams work under the management of the Vice President for Research and Knowledge Transfer or the Managing Director of the ZFW for all research institutions as well as for departments of the HSWT. It also supports the professorships at the HSWT-location in Straubing for sustainable resource use.

To fulfil this function, the ZFW sets itself these goals:

  • Central support in consulting, initiation, coordination and administration of research projects in all research institutions and scientific disciplines represented at the HSWT.
  • External presentation of research as well as science communication of the HSWT as part of the HSWT communication team. This should clearly highlight the importance and visibility of the HSWT as a research institution and research partner.
  • Supporting knowledge transfer events of all research institutions and departments as well as the Weihenstephan Gardens in event announcement, administration and reporting.
  • Establishment and development of publication recording and presentation at the HSWT for the documentation of scientific output
  • Advice and support for the utilisation of project results as well as for start-ups and inventions
  • Support for young researchers, e.g. through the establishment of a graduate academy.

These research institutions are assigned to the ZFW



Zentrum für Forschung und Wissenstransfer - Lageplan in Weihenstephan an der HSWT


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