Eine Professorin arbeitet mit zwei wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeiterinnen im Labor.
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Working at the HSWT

At HSWT, the focus is on people: talent development, an open working and learning environment, equal opportunities and development prospects are the cornerstones of HSWT as an employer.

Applied Sciences for Life - that is what the University of applied sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf stands for. We are one of the leading national and international universities of applied sciences for life and green engineering - for students as well as for teachers, researchers and non-scientific staff.

Three reasons for the HSWT

Work with meaning

We stand for the anchoring of the principles of sustainability in society and business. All staff make an important contribution to the sustainable use and protection of natural resources.

Work at eye level

We stand for a family-like and appreciative cooperation between all university members. Only in a non-discriminatory, family-friendly university environment can creativity, innovation and knowledge develop freely.

Work with perspective

We enable lifelong learning through further training opportunities and a diverse portfolio of tasks that is tailored to individual life situations and reflects the dynamics of the professional world.

Workplace with meaning & perspective

The staff of HSWT are involved in socially significant issues at four locations in Freising, Triesdorf, Straubing and Schlachters. Our work in the fields of sustainable land use, climate change, biodiversity, Food Technology, Biotechnology or renewable energies thus contributes to solving local and global challenges.


HSWT benefits for staff

Total staff
Research assistants and special lecturers
Non-scientific staff in administration, IT, technology

Locations of the HSWT

Weihenstephan Campus

The green Weihenstephan campus is only a few minutes away from the centre of the attractive small town of Freising. The Bioengineering (Sciences), Horticulture and Food Technology, Landscape Architecture, Sustainable Agriculture and Energy Systems and Forestry department chair's offices are located here. The International Office, the general subject advisory service, the career centre, the library, the language centre and the student service are also located on campus.

Der Campus Triesdorf aus der Vogelperspektive.
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Triesdorf Campus

The Triesdorf Campus in Weidenbach is home to the Department of Agriculture, Food, and Nutrition and the Department of Environmental Engineering. In the immediate vicinity are the Higher Agricultural School, Animal Husbandry School, Teaching Dairy and many other agricultural teaching facilities. In a rural idyll and with a direct bus connection to Triesdorf, there is a productive learning and working atmosphere here.

TUM Campus Straubing

HSWT is a long-standing cooperation partner of the TUM Campus Straubing. At the integrative research centre of the University of Applied Sciences for Biotechnology and Sustainability, the HSWT professorships of Bioinformatics, Energy Technology, Geothermal Energy, Complex Networks, Marketing and Management of Renewable Resources, Sustainable Business Management, Organic-Analytical Chemistry and Environmental and Development Economics teach and conduct research.

Die Versuchsstation für Obstbau Schlachters der HSWT am Bodensee.

Schlachters research station for pomiculture

At the Schlachters research station for pomiculture in Sigmarszell on Lake Constance, university staff conduct practical research and teach in the field of pome fruit research on an area of around 8 hectares. The research facility is assigned to the Institute of Horticulture and is supported by an interdisciplinary advisory board.

HSWT Inside

50 years of HSWT: Teachers & researchers at the University of applied sciences

To mark the 50th anniversary of the HSWT, we asked the university community to tell us more about them personally, their life at the University of applied sciences and their activities. The portraits show alumni, teachers and staff, researchers and research projects up close. Some selected introductions of the employees from the project 50 Years of Applied Sciences for Life can be found here.


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