Triesdorf Campus
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  • A conscious & good decision

Triesdorf Campus

Crazy and extraordinary: More people study and learn in Triesdorf than live permanently in the town. Those who get involved and make a conscious decision to do so will love studying here!

Welcome to the Triesdorf Campus in Middle Franconia

Why the village?

Triesdorf is a district of Weidenbach - and the smallest place in Germany with a University of Applied Sciences. The market town belongs to the central Bavarian district of Ansbach. Its residents have adjusted to the temporary fellow citizens from the University of Applied Sciences. The students who live here are also the ones who bring life to the rural and contemplative area.

But Ansbach is not far away either. In Ansbach there are not only cinemas or fitness studios, but of course also the cultural and business offerings of a somewhat larger city.

Ansbach is about 15 kilometres away and can be easily reached by bus, train or taxi. You can find the current bus and train timetables at the Verkehrsverbund Großraum Nürnberg. You can also take the same train to Gunzenhausen, about 15 kilometres away. The municipality of Weidenbach also offers a citizens' bus.

Why Triesdorf?

Campus Triesdorf from above.
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From a farming school to an educational institution: Around 300 years ago, a model agricultural estate was established in Triesdorf on the former summer residence of the Margraves of Ansbach.

Today, the campus is a modern centre for agriculture, nutrition, environment and energy with the HSWT, the Competence Centre for Digital Agriculture, the agricultural and home economics technical schools and the Teaching, Testing and Technical Centre for Milk Analysis as well as numerous laboratories and workshops.

The wonderfully green and spacious grounds are still characterised by its historic buildings: the White Castle, the Red Castle, the Villa Sandrina and the so-called Kavaliershäuschen. In addition to the time-honoured margravial heritage, there are of course also modern new buildings on campus. After all, you will also find the campus's own teaching dairy with an attached cheese shop. Teaching stables and experimental fields round off the picture.

Sophia Trautmann, former Foodstuff Management student

"In Triesdorf you cry twice: when you arrive and when you have to leave again!"

Sophia Trautmann
former student

And student life?

Five good reasons to study in Triesdorf:

  • Of course, the village advantage means above all manageability. Here you can organise your new phase of life in no time at all. There is sufficient and affordable living space.
  • The Triesdorf Education Centre for Agriculture, Food and Environment is internationally renowned and equipped with modern facilities. The Triesdorf campus has numerous local features and, of course, the diverse services of the HSWT.
  • The "we" feeling of the HSWT family means individual support and particularly close contact between students and lecturers, especially in Triesdorf. In the small University of Applied Sciences, students work intensively in small groups: the learning effect is high and the atmosphere is distinctive.
  • The practical orientation and the worldwide network of HSWT mean not only optimal preparation for professional life, but above all exceptionally good job opportunities and career paths.
  • The leisure activities on offer mean Franconian Lake District with the nearby Altmühlsee and thus the best conditions for water sports from swimming to sailing to surfing. Those who prefer more mountainous terrain can explore the Hesselberg region and the Altmühl valley by bike. The cycle paths in the lake district are also impressive. Around the lakes there is an excellently developed network of cycle paths with a perfect infrastructure. And the green Triesdorf summer and numerous barbecues invite you to relax.

What else is on offer in Triesdorf?

Students celebrating by the lake.
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Admittedly: There is no club scene in Triesdorf or Weidenbach. But there are nationally known balls and many private student parties in old farmhouses, dormitories and shared flats that make the place more than special. And the lush meadows and fields of the charming countryside and the otherwise cosy village life also have their charm. A charm that you consciously choose.

  • Luftaufnahme des Gebäudes A in Triesdorf.
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  • Die Gebäude des Campus Triesdorf aus der Vogelperspektive.
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  • Die Allee am Ortseingang von Triesdorf aus der Vogelperspektive.
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  • Ein Student der HSWT im Praktikum auf dem Feld neben einem Traktor.
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  • Eine Studentin der HSWT geht durch einen Obstgarten in Triesdorf.
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  • Klimaneutrale Energiesysteme Studierende vor einer Photovoltaikanlage.
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  • Studierende der HSWT fahren mit dem Fahrrad durch die Natur.
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  • Studierende der HSWT in abendlichem Licht an einem Badesee.
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  • Die Gebäude des Bildungszentrums Triesdorf aus der Vogelperspektive.
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Come and get to know Triesdorf student life!

The diverse range of leisure activities, the warm atmosphere in the small village and the familiarity with the teaching staff are one thing. The other is ideal study conditions where nature itself becomes the classroom. Here you have the opportunity not only to shape your student life entirely according to your wishes, but also to create a green future worth living for everyone.

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