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Paths to a professorship at the HSWT

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Our professors point the way to a green future. Become part of the Green University of Applied Sciences with a professorship in Weihenstephan or Triesdorf.

Your position as Professor in Weihenstephan & Triesdorf

A professorship at a University of Applied Sciences (HaW professorship) is exciting, varied and characterised by practice-oriented teaching and research, university management tasks and a high degree of personal and temporal independence.

There are many good reasons to take up this profession!

Job description HaW professorship

Are you curious but still unsure whether a HaW professorship is for you?

Read on and find out if this job profile suits you!

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Come to us! Information on HSWT as an employer

Are you interested in life sciences?

Do you follow the discussions on climate protection and change closely?

Is an efficient and careful use of nature and natural resources important to you?

Would you like to be actively involved in teaching and research?

Become a professor at the HSWT: That's what drives us!

Our scientists teach and research at two campuses (Weihenstephan and Triesdorf) and two locations (Straubing and Schlachters): all four in economically and demographically growing regions.

We educate our approximately 6,100 students to become responsible specialists and managers who handle resources efficiently and contemporary sustainably and whom we prepare optimally for tasks in a globalised and digitalised labour market.

Teaching and research topics include socially significant issues such as sustainable agriculture, climate change, biodiversity, environmental precaution, renewable energies, renewable resources and healthy nutrition.

Visit our website to learn more about our research profile and ongoing research projects!

Requirements to become a professor

The career paths to a HaW professorship are often unknown and generally not very structured.

The formal requirements are always regulated at state level.

For the Free State of Bavaria, the Bavarian Higher Education Innovation Act (BayHIG), regulates the admission requirements, specifically in Art. 57 Para. 3 (Employment requirements for professors at universities of applied sciences). These are essentially (in full under the source mentioned):

  • a completed university degree,
  • teaching experience (proof of pedagogical aptitude),
  • special qualification for scientific or artistic work (proof by doctorate or doctorate-related achievements) as well as
  • at least five years of professional experience, which must have been acquired after completion of the higher education degree and of which at least three years must have been spent outside the higher education sector.

The BayHIG also regulates the appointment of professors in the Free State of Bavaria, specifically in article no. 66 (appeal of professors, junior professors and young professors).

The formal requirements for FH or HaW professorships in other federal states are similar. Nevertheless, it is imperative that potential applicants inform themselves about the relevant state legislation and additionally enquire at the respective universities of applied sciences whether they fulfil the formal requirements for a specific professorship.

This is how we support women on the path to professorship

In 2017, the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences was awarded the TOTAL-E Quality Award for its exemplary equal opportunities-oriented personnel and university policy.

The HSWT participates in state programmes for the advancement of women, including the BayernMentoring, the scholarship programme for female doctoral students and the qualification programme "rein-in-die-hörsäle".

"rein-in-die-Hörsäle" is a programme to prepare for a HaW professorship, which consists of three programme components: the teaching assignment programme as well as an information event and a seminar on the topic "Career goal - female professor at an HaW". Corresponding events also occur at the HSWT as a member university of the LaKoF, and there is the possibility of taking on teaching assignments.

Application for a HaW professorship at the HSWT

Professorships at universities of applied sciences are filled through appointment procedures. The positions are advertised publicly.

Appointment Monitor

In our appointment monitor, you can find the current status of all ongoing appointment procedures. If you have any questions about the application and the process, please do not hesitate to contact the person named in the context. Please understand, however, that we cannot provide you with information on the specific status of your application.

Job advertisements for professorships

You can find all current vacancies in our job portal.

Our female professors introduce themselves

Currently, 35 female professors work at the University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf. That corresponds to a women proportion of 24 per cent in the professorships. With this, the HSWT occupies a top position among the Bavarian universities of applied sciences.

We introduce some of our female professors here in a short interview. We aim to show interested female scientists and experts the variety of paths to a HaW professorship and encourage them to tackle an application themselves!

Campaign "Make more of your Dr - Become a Prof!"

With the campaign "Make more of your Dr - Become a Professor!", the Bavarian universities of applied sciences advertise the attractiveness of the professor occupation at a university of applied sciences with the aim of attracting the best minds for a career at Bavarian universities.

At the centre of the campaign is the website "Become a Professor!" There, interested parties can find information on the job description and the requirements they need to meet to apply for an advertised professorial position. In addition, there are tips and information on the acquirement of missing building blocks of the qualification.