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Quality in Teaching & Didactics

Centre for Studies & Didactics

Continuous learning is not only part of our students' everyday lives. The Centre for Studies and Didactics empowers our teaching staff and departments to continuously develop - both through counselling and quality assurance.

Improvements in Didactics & Teaching: Making a Difference at the HSWT

The Centre for Studies and Didactics (ZSD) is the central point of contact for the University of applied sciences' strategic developments in all aspects of study content and teaching. Our contact persons at the University of applied sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf take care of these topics.

  • Quality management for studies and teaching: We work consistently in a service-oriented manner on the requirements as well as the needs and support the departments in accreditations. Our major goal is system accreditation, i.e. accreditation for study programmes through the reliability of HSWT quality assurance.
  • Accompanying and supporting lecturers in the development and use of digital teaching and examination formats that are in no way inferior to classroom formats in terms of didactics and quality.
  • Advice and support for prospective students and students throughout the entire student life cycle.

The ZSD sees itself as a partner of the departments and lecturers in all topics relating to the further development of teaching and study programmes. The ZSD is headed by the Vice President for Studies and Didactics, Prof. Dr. Sabine Homann-Wenig.

Mission statement of the teaching

The spirit of science permeates our University of applied sciences not only during practical teaching and studying. Our mission is the constant growth of our own scientific standards as well as the exchange between teaching, research and business.

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Quality management at the HSWT

Our success depends to a large extent on the quality of HSWT's study programmes and teaching, which is something that every single one of our departments is working on. The Strategic Development and Quality Management team supports the HSWT and staff methodically and professionally - for example, through accreditations, the preparation and provision of statistics, service-oriented data supply and the management of suggestions, ideas and complaints.

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Didactics & Digital Teaching

The digital teaching competence team supports teachers in the didactic conception and technical implementation of digital teaching. Lecturers and students benefit from the know-how on the use of digital tools as well as from the equipment rental of the video workshops. The team provides support in the creation of audiovisual learning material, with questions about the Moodle learning platform or digital examination formats.

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General subject advisory service at the HSWT

From choosing a course of study to graduating - the central subject advisory service advises our students, especially in transitional and crisis situations. The team offers study-related information in different formats - tailored to the needs of the students. We are constantly working on and expanding the counselling services through internal and external networking.