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Health management

HSWTbewegt - healthy University of applied sciences

A healthy working, learning and teaching environment for all staff: HSWT's health management moves the University of applied sciences with strategies, actions and measures for a motivating and healthy everyday working life.

Holistic health concept: create relief, promote resources

With HSWTbewegt , the health management of the University of applied sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf is significantly involved in strengthening the health and motivation of the university community. Resource-oriented working conditions, individual development opportunities, competent and sensitised managers: the promotion of quality of life at the workplace must specifically correspond to the respective stresses and challenges. That is why the work of HSWTbewegt is based on regular and comprehensive analyses of the status quo. We elicit the intensity of strain and the stress level in everyday work and identify the causes and reasons for it in order to derive effective measures.

Tasks & offer of HSWTbewegt

  • Analysis of mental stress in the workplace at the University of applied sciences

  • Recommendations for action

  • Lectures on health-relevant topics in everyday working life

  • Actions to improve communication and cooperation between employees

  • Improving ergonomics at the workplace

  • Provision of health-promoting information in the context of work

Health management is a great asset for the university community and offers many benefits. Together we want to make a difference: mentally - physically - structurally.

Andrea Dzaebel
Health Management Officer & HSWTbewegt

Steering Committee HSWTbewegt

HSWTbewegt is the central body of health management at HSWT and is responsible for the continuous development of the programme. Committed actors from different areas and responsibilities form the steering committee HSWTbewegt, so that the diverse points of view and concerns are taken into account.

The steering committee aims to move the university community: mentally - physically - structurally. Health management has a special status with the university management, which is why HSWTbewegt can always count on support in implementation and conceptualisation.