International Networks of the HSWT

Connections to & with foreign countries

Together with partner universities and initiatives around the world, the HSWT is working on a global network of knowledge and experience exchange in applied life sciences.

Green science needs global perspectives

Knowledge connects: Since its foundation, the University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf has promoted its partnerships with international networks and universities. In cooperation with stakeholders in and outside of Europe, an international network is created through which international knowledge transfer and exchange can be lived.

Our Partner Universities

We are in active exchange with our partner universities in European and non-European countries.


HSWT is part of the popular European mobility programme and organises exchanges for students and other university members.

Network Africa

The Master's in International Agricultural Management laid the foundation for cooperation with universities of applied sciences in Africa.

Network Latin America

Since 2001, we have been in close exchange with universities of applied sciences in Latin America, with whom we founded the Network Latin America in 2021.