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Making research results public

Open Access Publishing

Scientific findings of the HSWT should be freely accessible. The Open Access Publication Fund supports researchers in publishing their work.

Open Access as a basic principle

The university management encourages all university members to make their research publicly accessible through open access publications. To reaffirm this basic stance, President Dr Eric Veulliet signed the Berlin Declaration in October 2021. The HSWT is thus clearly committed to Open Access and the associated digital transformation of science as well as the fundamental idea of free access to scientific knowledge.

In order to support researchers in publishing their work and to promote unrestricted access to scientific findings at the HSWT, the university management made an Open Access Publication Fund available in November 2020. The publication fees for gold open access publications by university members can be covered by the publication fund.

Ways to Open Access Publication

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  1. The golden road

The golden road refers to the first publication of scientific and scholarly works as articles in OA journals, as OA monographs or as contributions to an OA collective work or conference proceedings. These texts usually undergo the same quality assurance process as closed-access works, usually in the form of a peer review or editorial review process. If there are no other funding possibilities (e.g. third-party funding), the Open Access Publication Fund of the HSWT can apply to the ZFW to cover the publication costs incurred in this process (see Funding Criteria, Application).

2. the green road

The green road, also known as self-archiving, involves the additional publication of documents published by a publisher or journal on institutional or disciplinary OA document servers (or repositories). This can take place at the same time as or after (possibly after an embargo period) the publication of the content by the publisher and is possible for preprints and postprints of scientific articles, but also for other types of documents such as monographs, research reports and conference proceedings.

Other types of publication

Publication within the framework of DEAL contracts, memberships and initiatives or taking advantage of publisher discounts are also possible. The HSWT participates in the Germany-wide DEAL contracts with the publishers Wiley, Springer Nature and Elsevier. This enables us to offer online access to a large part of the journals of these publishers as well as extended opportunities to publish research results Open Access. The contracts include the following contents:

Funding criteria of the HSWT Open Access Publication Fund

Funding from the publication fund is provided in accordance with guidelines for open access publishing of the German Research Foundation (DFG). In principle, costs can only be covered if funds are still available in the publication fund.

  • Only publications for which a member of the HSWT is responsible as submitting corresponding author will be funded.
  • Only pure, golden open access journals are funded, which make all their contributions freely accessible on the internet immediately after publication.
  • The journal should have a quality assurance procedure (usually peer review) that is recognised in the respective subject and be listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).
  • The maximum funding amount is 2,000 € (incl. 19% VAT) per publication. This does not apply to young researchers applying in the role of submitting or corresponding authors, in these cases the full costs will be covered.
  • If other funds (e.g. project funds, other third-party funds, budget funds) are available for the open access publication of the article, these must first be exhausted.
  • Hybrid Open Access models of subscription-based journals (e.g. "Open Choice") are not funded.

Application and processing

Send the completed application PDF to openaccess@hswt.de.

  • Submitting an application at least 1-2 weeks before the planned submission of a publication allows us to check eligibility. If the eligibility requirements are met, we reserve the article processing charge (APC) in the fund.
  • The order of funding is determined by the date of application and the publication date.
  • Invoicing:
    • The invoice must be to the HSWT (no private address!) and contain the details of corresponding or submitting author.
    • The invoice must contain all mandatory details according to the UStG.
  • The submitting authors must include the following note in the Acknowledgements of the funded publication: "This article is funded by the Open Access Publication Fund of Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences".
  • All publications funded by the Open Access Publication Fund are recorded in Bay.FIS.
  • In order to ensure the support of young researchers (e.g. doctoral students, postdocs, research assistants) at the HSWT, 20 % of the annual fund budget is reserved for the financing of articles by this group of employees. This reservation is maintained until the end of the third quarter of a publication year. Thereafter, the unclaimed funds will be released for by all those eligible to apply.