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  • Service & support for (prospective) doctoral candidates and supervisors

Graduate Academy

As the central coordination and service point for young academics at the HSWT, the Graduate Academy offers information, advice and support on various aspects related to the doctoral programme and beyond.

The Graduate Academy of the HSWT

The Graduate Academy offers service and support on all questions related to doctoral studies. As a central institution for the promotion of young researchers, we support researchers in early academic development stages on their career path. The focus is on doctoral studies at the HSWT, although our services are also aimed at doctoral supervisors, those interested in doctoral studies, postdocs and research assistants.

The aim of the Graduate Academy is to prepare and qualify young academics for their future careers (in and outside science).

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Further information and tips

You can find further information and useful tips related to a doctorate in the wbMoodle course of the Graduate Academy. You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in this course.

The major tasks of the Graduate Academy include:

  • Individual information & advice before, during and after the doctorate (e.g. requirements, funding opportunities, supervision, career options).
  • Training & qualification programme (e.g. subject-specific and interdisciplinary qualification seminars, teaching and didactic workshops, peer-to-peer exchange)
    • eLearning with TwentyOne Skills - the online platform for professional development in science:
      The HSWT Graduate Academy awards 10 eLearning licenses per quarter, providing access to key competences for every career stage of our young academics. The course portfolio icourse portfolio includes 70+ online courses and live sessions on relevant topics such as Communication & Presentation, Scientific Practice, Time Management, Mental Health & Cognition, Career Design.
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  • Management, coordination & quality assurance during the phases of the doctorate

Service & Support

For individual advice or administrative support, please contact the Graduate Academy team by email to arrange an appointment.

Suggestions, ideas & complaint management

Constructive feedback provides the opportunity for further development and improvement. You can submit your ideas, suggestions, feedback and complaints related to events, services or doctorate conditions via our contact form.

Scientific integrity

In case of suspicion of scientific misconduct, please contact the ombudswoman for ensuring good scientific practice, Prof. Dr. Tanja Barton.

Crisis & Conflict Management

In conflict situations, we can help you with mediation and conflict resolution strategies. The Graduate Academy and Prof. Dr. Cristina Lenz can help you to constructively deal with those situations. In most cases, a clarifying conversation helps to find a sustainable solution.

Use the contact form or contact the Graduate Academy to briefly describe your concerns (please enter your name).

Doing a doctorate at the HSWT: General information

Is it possible to do a doctorate at the HSWT? Yes, it is!

In the following, you can find different paths to a doctorate at the HSWT:

For more information take a look at our wbMoodle course from the Graduate Academy.


Your path to a doctorate: Information for those interested in a doctorate

Do you have a Master’s degree? Are you interested in current scientific topics and innovative sustainable developments? Would you like to do practical research? Are you ready for a new challenge?

If this is the case, then a doctorate at our University of Applied Sciences could be the right thing for you!

According to the Bavarian Higher Education Act, the aim of a doctorate is to qualify and train the next generation of academics; it proofs person’s academic skills. The training and qualification of young researchers and the quality assurance of research activities are central objectives of our university.

The HSWT does not yet have the right to award doctorates independently. Nevertheless, outstanding graduates have the opportunity to obtain a doctorate in cooperation with universities that have the right to award doctorates (i.e. cooperative doctorates).

Questions to ask before starting a doctorate

  • Is a doctorate right for me?
  • What are the requirements for a doctorate?
  • What are the different types of doctorates?
  • Is it possible to do a doctorate at a HAW? (Yes, you can!)
  • How do I find a dissertation topic and a doctoral supervisor?

You can find answers to these and other questions at the Bavarian Science Forum and in the wbMoodle course of the Graduate Academy. In this course, you also find further information that can help you with your doctorate.

For further information, please contact the Graduate Academy.

Current & completed doctorates at the HSWT

Here you can find an overview of current and completed doctorates at the University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf. This overview offers helpful insights (e.g. academic contacts) for people interested in doing a doctorate.

Information for professors & doctoral supervisors

Research professors at the HSWT who supervise a cooperative doctorate receive incentives in the form of reduced teaching loads.

Professors receive a reduction in the teaching load for an entry of a doctoral project into the doctoral candidacy list and the successful completion of a dissertation. For further information, please contact the ZFW.

If you have further questions related to the supervision of a doctorate at the HSWT, please contact

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