Conference "Science for Impact in Africa"

  • Date: 25th May 2023
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More than 200 participants from around the world tuned in online to the conference "Science for Impact in Africa" hosted by HSWT.

How can we bridge the gap between science and societal needs in the area of agricultural and food systems in Africa? This was the central question of the "Science for Impact in Africa" conference, which was hosted virtually by HSWT in May.

The event was organised and held jointly with Wageningen University & Research (Netherlands), Cape Peninsula University of Technology (South Africa), Wollo University (Ethiopia), Université de Sine Saloum El-Hâdj Ibrahima NIASS (Senegal) and Université de Gabès (Tunisia).

Presentations and discussions by experts from the host universities

More than 200 participants from around the world tuned in online to hear presentations and panel discussions from experts from the host universities, who shared best practices in teaching, research and community outreach that have a real impact on food systems on the African continent.

Participation from the HSWT

HSWT contributions included a presentation by Marlies Resch on "Empowering Studens to Found Companies in the Agrifood Sector at the Food Startup Incubator Weihenstephan". Eleonora Itri from the Institute of Horticulture presented HSWT's Indoor Vertical Farming project and Joachim Weber gave a presentation on "Capacity Building of Partner Universities Network through Eramsus+ Projects".

In addition, the participants discussed with experts from the Bavarian Research Alliance and HSWT how cooperation between Europe and Africa as well as cooperation within Africa can be promoted through EU funding opportunities.

The conference was organised by HSWT as part of the"African-Bavarian Alliance for Applied Life Sciences", a project funded by the Bavarian State Chancellery with the aim of establishing a network between Bavaria and partner institutions in Ethiopia, Senegal, Tunisia and South Africa.

The conference was recorded and can be found under the following links:

1. Conference

2. Parallel Session 2: Community Extension

  • Zoom Screenshot einer Präsentation von Teilnehmenden
    Vorträge von Expert:innen der gastgebenden Universitäten.
  • Zoom Screenshot der Präsentation des Food Startup Inkubators
    Der Food Startup Incubator der HSWT stellt sich vor.
  • Zoom Screenshot einer Präsentation von Teilnehmenden der Konferenz
    Die Konferenz wurde von mehr als 200 Teilnehmer:innen verfolgt.
  • Zoom Screenshot der Präsentation des Smart Indoor Farming Projekts
    Das Projekt Indoor Farming an der HSWT wurde ebenfalls vorgestellt.

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