Gewächshäuser des Instituts für Gartenbau.
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Institute of Horticulture

Closely networked with practice, innovative in their ideas and professional in their implementation - at the Institute of Horticulture, current and global topics along the value chains are the focus of solution-oriented research.

The Institute of Horticulture Weihenstephan: Research for the Green Practice

We are enthusiastic about questions from horticultural practice and develop innovative, science-based solutions.

Research at the Institute of Horticulture focuses particularly on production & quality management, sustainability strategies & resource conservation, as well as information management & knowledge transfer.

The focal points of the Institute of Horticulture

Professors from the Faculty of Horticulture and Food Technology and researchers from the IGB work on research projects relating to horticultural issues in flexible teams. In addition to classical horticultural research, topics of urban Horticulture are an integral part of the research activities. An Applied Science Centre for Smart Indoor Farming was founded. Research in fruit growing takes place at another location of the University of applied sciences, the Schlachters research station for pomiculture.

Whether resource-saving cultivation, indoor farming or digitalisation in Horticulture: if it increases sustainability, it is researched here. In the following, we outline the focal points of the Institute of Horticulture in detail.

Eine Person hält zum Vergleich das Wurzelwerk von zwei Pflanzen
Vergleich von kompostierbaren Anzuchttöpfen © Marvin Spence
Ein Messgerät zwischen einer Pflanze, die das Bestandsklima erfasst.
Kontinuierliche Erfassung des Bestandsklimas © Marvin Spence
Ein Traktor fährt zwischen zwei Reihen Apfelbäumen.
Mechanische Beikrautregulierung im Pflanzstreifen © Ivory Productions

Research projects

Wetterstation im Kleingarten.

Weather Weihenstephan

A weather station of the German Weather Service provides the current weather data directly from the allotment gardens of Weihenstephan Gardens. Detailed data helps the researchers as well as the inhabitants of Freising.


Zentrum für Forschung und Wissenstransfer - Lageplan in Weihenstephan an der HSWT


University of applied sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf
Centre for Research and Knowledge Transfer
Institute of Horticulture
85350 Freising

Other Horticulture Institutions of the HSWT

The Institute of Horticulture works closely with other institutions at the HSWT. These topics are certainly also of interest to those interested in Horticulture.