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With a passion for land and food

The Agriculture, Food, and Nutrition department

Whether Agricultural Engineering, Agriculture, Foodstuff Management or Nutrition und Food Supply Management, whether Bachelor's or Master's: our degree programmes offer future-proof and meaningful training for feeding people and sustainably conserving resources.

Studying at the Agriculture, Food, and Nutrition department

The Agriculture, Food, and Nutrition department at the Triesdorf campus of Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences aims to professionally prepare capable young professionals for the agricultural and food industry, which is one of the largest economic sectors in Germany in terms of employment and value added.

The degree programmes offered by the Agriculture, Food, and Nutrition department in Triesdorf focus on the "food value chain":

  • Where does my food come from?
  • Does it make sense to farm organically?
  • How do Agriculture and food affect the climate?
  • Why organic? Why regional?
  • What diet will keep me fit?
  • How does digitalisation help us move forward?

With a passion for land and food - our degree programme is characterised by a high level of practical relevance. Internships, project studies and a practical semester outside the University of applied sciences introduce students to solving specific tasks at an early stage.

The department's network

The department is integrated into an educational centre for Nutrition, Energy, Agriculture, Food, and Nutrition that is unique in Germany, the "Triesdorf Education Centre". The close networking within this circle of institutes with state-of-the-art infrastructure creates valuable synergies from which the application-orientated university education benefits in many ways.

We also have good contacts in the agricultural and food industry in order to give our students maximum practical relevance. Students can complete practical semesters here or, in the case of dual study programmes, complete a fully-fledged apprenticeship.

Our alumni can be found on the farm, in the laboratory, in retail and catering or in the town hall. Many contacts last beyond their studies. You too can become part of our network.

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