Studierende des Agricultural Economics Master diskutieren am Campus Triesdorf

Agricultural Management Master in Triesdorf

International Master Agricultural Management

Lead internationally to success - become an M. Sc. in Agricultural Management and improve agricultural production worldwide through your knowledge.

Your studies in a nutshell
  • Duration  4 semesters
  • Language  German
  • Location  Campus Triesdorf
  • Semester  Summer semester
Master of Science (M. Sc.)
Admission restriction


Application deadline

29 April – 1 July 2024

Start your M. Sc. in Agricultural Management at the University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf

From business management to business informatics, you will deepen your knowledge of the analysis and development possibilities of agricultural companies in the international Master's in Agricultural Management. You analyse agricultural production in a practice-oriented manner and make international organisational and cost comparisons. The Master in Agricultural Management also provides for application-oriented project and team work at home and abroad.

Whether it's business or agricultural-economic consulting, agricultural and regional development concepts or applied research and development projects - our agricultural and management experts convince after their studies at the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences with solid technical knowledge and transnational competence. Students of the Agricultural Science degree programmes of the HSWT benefit from the many years of professional and pedagogical expertise of our teaching staff.

The International Master in Agricultural Management provides you with these skills:

  • You will receive a comprehensive education in applied agricultural economics.

  • You gain experience in project and team work.

  • You gain experience abroad and knowledge of different mentalities.

  • You learn to conduct management consultations.

  • You can draw up business plans.

  • You can conduct qualification courses.

  • You learn presentation, sales and negotiation techniques.

  • You acquire good German language skills.

Study Contents of the International Master's Degree in Agricultural Management

Our goal during the International Master in Agricultural Management is,

  • to train you as a specialist in application-oriented Agricultural Management on the basis of a previous degree in Agricultural Economics.

  • To provide you with theoretical and practical knowledge with which you can independently and responsibly take on wide-ranging tasks in the management and consulting of agricultural enterprises.

  • To provide you with the competence to represent this field in agricultural research, agricultural administration and in service companies.

  • To provide you with all the basics so that you can pass on your own knowledge as a teacher in basic and advanced training, if necessary after further pedagogical qualification.

Study Structure: Your Path to a Master's Degree in Agricultural Management

The International Master Agricultural Management is characterised by an application-oriented study programme with comprehensive learning content from the agricultural economics subject areas as well as business informatics. The various teaching methods, in particular project studies and computer-assisted business simulations, are designed to promote the practical training of students and to practise working out solutions to problems in teams. With the help of case studies and international organisational and cost comparisons, cross-national subject content is taught.

Career Prospects as M. Sc. in Agricultural Management

After the Master's degree, you can take on the following management tasks - depending on the orientation of the previous Agriculture degree - after an induction period:

  • Agriculture enterprises
    Management of larger agricultural enterprises

  • Training & consulting
    Management consulting, adult education

  • Planning, implementation & assessment of agricultural projects or joint ventures
    Design and planning of public and private sector projects in the agricultural sector at national and international level, business and macroeconomic assessment of projects, management of project implementation.

  • Trade & Services
    National and international agricultural trade, trade in livestock and meat, marketing, activities with market and price reporting agencies, accounting firms, in tax consultancy, with banks and insurance companies, product and sales consultancy in the relevant industry (plant protection, animal feed, fertilisers, agricultural technology, nutrition trade).

  • Agricultural administration
    Organisation and implementation of state support programmes, design and implementation of agricultural policy measures, cooperation with foreign institutions.

  • Organisation, cooperatives, settlement
    Clerk in international organisations, professional associations, cooperatives, settlement societies, rural youth organisations; management in self-help institutions.

Admission to the International Master's Programme Agricultural Management

There are restrictions for the International Master in Agricultural Management which require certain admission requirements. In the event that the number of qualified applicants is greater than the admission capacity set by the University of applied sciences, the selection is made by the examination board. The supplementary application documents are taken into account.

Application for the Master of International Agricultural Management

If you meet the study requirements, you must apply by the deadline of 15 July of the respective academic year.

Study International Agricultural Management in Triesdorf - Your Advantages

  • balanced combination of theory & practice with opportunities for personal development

  • deep insights into German and international companies in the agricultural industry

  • excellent job prospects for management positions all over the world

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