Weihenstephan Campus
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Weihenstephan Campus

Freising is a bishop's town over 1,300 years old with beautiful town houses and magnificent baroque buildings. But what really makes the town colourful and lively are the students from the Weihenstephan district.

Welcome to the Weihenstephan Campus in the north of Munich

Why Freising?

Weg vom Domberg in die Innenstadt von Freising.
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One in seven of Freising's 50,000 inhabitants is a student! This is also reflected in the wide range of cultural and sporting activities on offer in our attractive town. Its centre is only a stone's throw away from the green campus. And Munich, the "cosmopolitan city with a heart", is not far away by train or S-Bahn.

Freising is the oldest city on the Isar and is considered the heart of Old Bavaria. With the Cathedral Hill including St. Mary's Cathedral and Weihenstephan, it has two prominent landmarks - the latter is not only home to the popular Weihenstephan Gardens, but also to the oldest brewery in the world and, of course, the campus.

Why Weihenstephan?

Admittedly: Freising is not particularly large. But Weihenstephan is Germany's largest green campus with numerous institutions of international scientific renown. For example, the university town is also home to two state institutes (Bavarian Institute of Agriculture and Bavarian Institute of Forestry), the Center of Forestry Weihenstephan and the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV.

In addition, Weihenstephan is above all the most beautiful campus imaginable: with its historic buildings surrounded by beautiful nature and gardens - and with a view of the mountains.

Eric Feil, Student, Horticulture

"You have the Isar and the lakes, the beautiful green campus with mountain views and almost always fresh fruit and vegetables in the teaching gardens. Freising is not too big, so you always meet people you know in town and on campus."

Eric Feil
Student, Horticulture

And student life?

Five good reasons to study at Weihenstephan:

  • The advantage of a medium-sized city means manageability - with regard to the organisation of the new stage of life as well as the cost of living.
  • The green centre of Weihenstephan means outstanding study conditions from state-of-the-art media technology to experimental farms and many other facilities/services.
  • The "we-feeling" of the HSWT family means an unmistakable atmosphere, which is not only noticeable in the intensive exchange with other students as well as with the teaching staff, but also at all events and activities of student life:
    • Events on campus
    • Student parties in the halls of residence or by the student councils, such as the May festival.
  • The practical orientation and the worldwide network of HSWT mean not only optimal preparation for professional life, but above all exceptionally good job opportunities and career paths.
  • The leisure activities on offer mean culture and events from music and theatre to museums and cinemas in Freising as well as in Munich, but above all sport and fun in the green surroundings - whether cycling along the Isar, hiking in the world forest or swimming fun in the Freising open-air swimming pool and, for example, at the Pullinger Weiher (pond).

What else is on offer around the campus?

Studenten beim gemütlichen get together im Biergarten.
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In Freising, you should not only explore nature, but also take advantage of the diverse urban offerings. These include, of course, our traditional inns or the picturesque beer gardens, the medieval alleys and magnificent merchants' houses or our ice rink. There is always something going on here at cultural events or festivals - and if you are looking for peace and quiet, you will find it, for example, in the Hofgarten or the perennial garden on campus.

  • Luftaufnahme vom Campus Weihenstephan.
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  • Zwei Studenten am Teich des Oberdieckgartens.
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  • Luftaufnahme Campus Weihenstephan.
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  • Historisches Gebäude A3 am Campus Weihenstephan
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  • Dach mit Solarpanels am Dach des D1 Gebäude.
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  • Studenten beim Luftkanaltest vor dem Gebäude D1.
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  • Voyer des Gebäude F9.
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  • Studierende beim Grillen am Campus Weihenstephan.
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  • Das Rathaus und der Marienplatz in Freising.
    © bbsferrari / via Getty Images

Helpful links to get you started - come & get to know Freising student life

You will feel at home here. The heart of generations of students beats on the Weihenstephan campus. This is where friendships are made for life. With your creativity, your commitment and your knowledge, you will not only shape your student life here, but also a green future worth living for everyone.

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Bayerische Karte mit den Standorten der zwei HSWT Campus.


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