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  • Study programme for forest engineers

Forestry department

Forests and trees are our mission. We offer excellent teaching and exciting research on the green lungs of our planet and communicate to society how important the forest is for us all.

Studying at the Forestry department

The Department of Forestry at Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences stands for scientifically sound, applied teaching. We offer a wide range of programmes for acquiring skills for the broad spectrum of professions related to trees, forests and Forestry. Students acquire practical, ecologically, economically and socially sound knowledge that enables them to make optimal long-term decisions. Our professionally qualifying Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes are characterised by direct practical relevance and in-depth knowledge. A total of around 700 students study at our department.

Forestry department - a role model for sustainability

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Pure practical experience in forest & forestry

All Bachelor's degree programmes include an internship semester, which can be completed at a variety of companies in Germany and abroad. The same applies to our final theses. The range of careers is just as diverse as our training and has ensured excellent career opportunities for our graduates for many years, with above-average job satisfaction, as proven by retention analyses.

The history of the Forestry department

Weihenstephan is a traditional location for academic forestry training with over 200 years of tradition:


Conversion to Bachelor's degree programme "Engineering in Forestry" and introduction of Master's degree programmes.


Completion of the new building under Science Minister Zehetmair. Today there are 500 - 600 applicants for 120 places on the Engineering in Forestry degree programme.

End of the 1990s

Demolition of the old forestry building, which will be replaced by a future-orientated timber building.


Boom of the degree programme during the forest death debate in the 1980s; high demand with NC in the range of grade 1.5.


First year in the winter semester with almost exclusively male students and two professors.


Founding of the forestry faculty at the then "Weihenstephan University of Applied Sciences"; forest ranger training transferred from Lohr Forestry School to the University of Applied Sciences.


Bavarian Forestry School in Weihenstephan.

Co-operations & interdisciplinary topics

The department is a partner in the Center of Forestry Weihenstephan (a unique association of all forestry institutions: TUM, LWF and HSWT) at the Weihenstephan site. We are also constantly working on new, exciting topics.

A few examples:

  • The balance of ecology - economy and social issues
  • Increased dialogue with society (forest education, forest and health)
  • New professorship: Management of urban forests
  • Digitalisation as a cross-sectional task

Working in interdisciplinary teams (national and international cooperation with other universities of applied sciences and subject areas)

Research projects

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