Ein Baum in Freising wird von einem Baumpfleger gepflegt.
  • Study arboriculture in Freising

Arboriculture & urban forest management

Do you think of trees, people and forests together? Study arboriculture and make the cities greener.

Your studies in a nutshell
  • Duration  7 semesters
  • Language  German
  • Location  Campus Weihenstephan
  • Semester  Winter semester
Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng.)
Admission restriction


Application deadline

29 April – 15 July 2024

Arboriculture & urban forest management: what to expect on your degree programme

This degree programme is designed to enable you to take responsibility for tree care, administration, visitor management and nature conservation in green spaces and urban forests. You will be taught all the necessary scientific and practical content during the course of the programme.

Contents of the Bachelor's degree programme in Arboriculture

The Arboriculture and Urban Forest Management degree programme is based on the pillars of ecology, economics, social issues and technology. The content is drawn from the interdisciplinary courses offered by three departments (Forestry, Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Food Technology) and their degree programmes. You will encounter these focal points in detail:

  • Tree species: characteristics, site requirements & suitability in climate change
  • Recognising & monitoring biotic & abiotic damage, possible countermeasures
  • Climate protection effect of trees & forests
  • Consideration of nature & species conservation in maintenance & construction measures
Social affairs
  • Perception & appreciation of trees in urban society
  • Surveys & public relations work
  • Acceptance & participation of residents
  • Visitor guidance
  • Valuation of ecosystem services
  • Accounting & taxation
  • Contract & labour law
  • Innovation & Business Creation
  • Health and safety
  • Tree assessment
  • Use of geographical information systems
  • Automation & AI

This is how the Arboriculture & Forest Management degree programme is structured

The Arboriculture and Urban Forest Management degree programme comprises seven semesters. An internship semester takes place in the fifth semester, in which you can underpin the knowledge you have gained up to that point with practical experience outside the University of Applied Sciences and get to know future employers. You will receive your Bachelor of Engineering with the final Bachelor's thesis. The course always starts in the winter semester on 1 October each year.

Career opportunities after studying arboriculture

By completing the degree programme, you will acquire a scientifically sound, application-oriented and professionally qualifying degree with which you can take on a wide range of specialist and management tasks.

These tasks include in particular

  • Management of tree care companies
  • Expertise as a tree expert
  • Fields of work in public administration, for example
    • engineering work in planning offices or environmental agencies
    • management of garden and green space offices
  • Engineering activities
    • in road and route management
    • in planning offices
    • in application-orientated research and science
  • Employment
    • in environmental education and visitor guidance
    • in nature conservation
    • environmental Engineering
    • in landscape management
    • in resource management

Prerequisites for the Arboriculture & Urban Forest Management degree programme

The Arboriculture and Urban Forest Management degree programme at the University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf has admission restrictions in the form of a local NC (numerus clausus). You can find information on the general admission requirements and how to apply for the degree programme on our general pages.

Arboriculture at Weihenstephan: four reasons in favour of the study location

  • The only academic programme of its kind in southern Germany
  • Practice-oriented degree programme developed in cooperation with potential employers
  • Studying on the green campus: Weihenstephan Gardens (perennial garden, courtyard garden) educational forest with world forest (arboretum), forest adventure trail and the "green slopes" of the city of Freising
  • Exchange in the "Forest-Forestry-Wood Weihenstephan" competence centre, which is unique in Europe

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