Landschaftsbau-Studierende wählen Steine für eine Mauer aus

Study landscaping in Weihenstephan

Landscape Construction and Management

You for blooming landscapes - instead of grey concrete jungles - with a bachelor's degree in landscape engineering.

Your studies in a nutshell
  • Duration  7 semesters
  • Language  German
  • Location  Campus Weihenstephan
  • Semester  Winter semester
  • Work  With in-depth practice / Work-study programme in the form of combined studies / Dual
Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng.)
Admission restriction


Study landscaping: What you can expect

The Landscape Construction and Management (LBM) degree programme has developed from the traditional field of the landscaping trade as an academic discipline combining technology and management. The practice-oriented course is organised in close cooperation with its sister course Landscape Architecture, especially in the initial phase.

The innovative engineering degree programme with a technical and economic focus offers training in environmental and resource-competent construction management on the one hand and enables special skills and knowledge in the areas of project management and business management on the other.

Study content in Landscape Construction and Management

Studierende des Landschaftsbaus bei der Vermessung

As a landscaping student, you will acquire specialised knowledge in landscaping, engineering, ecology and vegetation technology. In practical study projects, you will learn project management methods and solve landscaping challenges. In the course of this, you will develop skills in the areas of negotiation, moderation, teamwork and technical and organisational implementation.

On completion of the Bachelor's degree programme, you will become a landscape engineer who can work in construction management, project management or in a company. At the University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf, you also have the opportunity to obtain a German-French double degree: This means that you can achieve a French diploma alongside your Bachelor's degree - provided you have the relevant language skills.

The structure of your landscaping degree programme

The landscaping course comprises four theoretical semesters with many practical elements, one practical semester and two specialisation semesters. The course always starts in the winter semester on 1 October each year.

Career prospects after studying landscaping

Fachpersonen betrachten den Plan eines Bauprojekts auf der Baustelle

After completing your studies in Weihenstephan, you will handle construction projects related to landscaping. You will represent the interests of the environment and natural resources in the construction process - and your degree will also qualify you for management positions in the field of landscaping. Graduates of the Bachelor's degree programme in Landscaping and Landscaping Management or the dual study programme work in, for example

  • Gardening, landscaping and sports field construction companies
  • Landscape architecture offices specialising in construction management
  • Project management offices
  • Engineering offices
  • Consulting companies
  • Civil engineering companies
  • Housing associations
  • Public administration (garden centres, nature conservation authorities)
  • Specialised authorities such as road construction and water management authorities
  • Specialised companies, e.g. for site remediation, engineering biology
  • Specialist media & associations
  • Industry (e.g. construction machinery manufacturers)
  • Research institutions within or outside the universities of applied sciences

Dual study programme in landscaping

Can't decide whether to start a vocational qualification or a degree programme? Are you looking for in-depth theoretical content but also want a high practical component? Why not do both in the form of a dual study programme in Landscape Construction and Management?

Since August 2007, Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences has also been offering the Bachelor's degree course in Landscape Construction and Management as a work-study programme in the form of combined studies (Landscape Construction and Management dual). In a total of just 4.5 years, you can obtain a Bachelor of Engineering degree and a vocational qualification as a gardener specialising in landscaping.

Study landscaping: Requirements, admission, application

There are no admission restrictions in the sense of an NC (numerus clausus)!

You must complete a 4-week compulsory internship before starting the Landscape Construction and Management degree programme. To do this, find a recognised training company in the field of horticulture and landscaping, a tree nursery or perennial nursery.

If you have completed an apprenticeship in horticulture, tree nurseries, perennial nurseries or agriculture or a practical training programme at a German Technical Secondary School (German Technical Secondary School) specialising in agriculture, you may not be required to complete a Preliminary work placement. If you opt for the dual study programme, you do not need an internship!

Why you are making the right decision by studying landscaping at HSWT

  • Unique combination of construction technology, economics, management & ecology
  • High practical relevance & training of requirements in practice through a training company & a construction process simulation as well as real teaching construction sites
  • Development & testing of new green & sustainable construction methods on the faculty's own research areas
  • The course is also offered as a dual work-study programme in the form of combined studies - as a combination between the Bachelor's degree and vocational qualification.

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