Studierende des Masters Erneuerbare Energien vor einem Modell einer Windkraftanlage
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  • Studying Green Energies in Weihenstephan

Business Management and Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship

Goodbye fossil fuels: your ideas for climate-friendly entrepreneurship. The Master's in Renewable Energies prepares you for business with green energy.

Your studies in a nutshell
  • Duration  3 semesters
  • Language  German / English
  • Location  Campus Weihenstephan
  • Semester  Summer semester / Winter semester
Master of Science (M. Sc.)
Admission restriction


Application deadline

29 April – 31 July 2024

What awaits you in the Master Renewable Energies

The Master's programme Business Management and Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship takes a holistic view of the expansion of renewable energies, including the technical, economic, legal and political background. With the energy turnaround that has been initiated in Germany, the most massive upheaval in energy supply to date has begun. This will also result in business opportunities for innovative companies in the national, European and international environment. Some of these young, dynamic companies are also involved in the Master's programme in Renewable Energies.

The aim of the Master's programme in Renewable Energies is to develop the management skills you need for this promising professional field. In addition to deepening your subject-specific competences in relation to alternative energy production, the main focus is on learning entrepreneurial behaviour as well as acquiring management and leadership qualifications. You will also learn intercultural skills and the corresponding English language skills.

Study contents of the Master's degree programme Renewable Energies

Studierende der HSWT stehen auf dem Dach der Hochschule und begutachten eine Photovoltaikanlage.

Due to the energy transition, there is a great need for highly qualified professionals who not only have specialist knowledge of renewable energies and the energy market in general. They should also be able to act in an entrepreneurial manner and take on management and leadership tasks in a national and international environment.

Upon completion of the Master's programme Business Management and Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship, you will have:

  • in-depth subject-specific competences in the field of renewable energies
  • entrepreneurial know-how
  • a qualification to take on management and leadership tasks
  • business-fluent and subject-specific English skills
  • intercultural competences

During their studies, our students develop into independent, critical and responsible graduates who want to actively shape the energy transition in the field of renewable energies - nationally or internationally.

Study structure in the Master Renewable Energies

The degree programme is completed full-time in three semesters. The two semesters each consist of six modules. The third semester is reserved exclusively for working on the Master's thesis.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Brunnert presents the Master's programme Business Management and Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship

Master's degree with practical relevance in the field of renewable energies

For practical studies, the Master's programme takes place with the involvement of companies in the energy sector. Part-time lecturers and speakers from practice contribute their expertise to the modules. In several modules, direct contact with practice and research is established within the framework of case studies, guest lectures and group work. The most important practical relevance is usually through the Master's thesis, as students are expected to carry out this work in close cooperation with an industry company from Germany or abroad, if possible.

The following companies, for example, are involved in the Master's programme:

Career Prospects after the Master Renewable Energies

A variety of companies and industries offer graduates of the Master's programme career and promotion opportunities. You can apply your knowledge of renewable energies:

  • in the production, project planning, construction or operation of renewable energy systems
  • in all business activities of energy suppliers and municipal utilities
  • in the development of energy concepts for cities and municipalities (climate protection managers)
  • in sustainably operating industrial companies, e.g. in the context of the conception & implementation of climate-neutral production
  • in consulting companies, e.g. energy consulting or management consulting.

Did you already know? In Germany alone, there are around 1,000 energy suppliers who ensure a secure supply of electricity, gas and heat.

Requirements for studying Renewable Energies

The following admission requirements apply for admission to the Master's programme at the University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf:

  • A successfully completed technical or economic university degree (Bachelor's degree) with a focus on energy, ideally in the field of renewable energies.
  • If you have another Bachelor's degree, you must prove that you have basic knowledge in the field of energy (usually by successfully completing modules from the elective or compulsory area of your Bachelor's degree). The extent to which such knowledge is sufficient will be assessed after receipt of your application documents. Under certain conditions, it is also possible to make up for missing energy skills during the Master's programme by taking modules from our Bachelor's programme "Management of Renewable Energies" - up to a maximum of four compulsory modules. Please contact us for this at

  • Most of the courses are held in German. Foreign students whose native language is not German must therefore prove that they have at least level B2 of German.
  • With regard to the four English-language modules of the Master's degree programme in Renewable Energies, the student should preferably have English language skills at level B2 (according to the Common European Framework of Reference). The Language Centre offers a voluntary aptitude test to assess language competence. Depending on requirements, appropriate language courses preparing for level B2 can be taken via the Language Centre.

Application & Application Deadlines for the HSWT Master's programme

The application for the Master's programme in Renewable Energies takes place online. The application period for the summer semester is from the beginning of December to 15 January and for the winter semester from the beginning of May to 15 July.

Prospective students who obtained their first degree abroad require a "Preliminary Verification Documentation" (VPD) through uni-assist for the application to the Business Management and Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship programme. Detailed information can be found on our website for international applicants. Submitting a uni-assist verification report is not sufficient!

The Master of Renewable Energies in Weihenstephan: Why you're making the right decision with us

  • After completing the Master's programme in Renewable Energies, you will be working at the forefront of the energy transition in Germany, Europe and around the world.
  • You will learn management and leadership skills that will quickly take you up the career ladder.
  • You will establish contacts with the relevant industries and research institutions.

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