Hinter der gläsernen Fassade ist die Fakultät für Bioingenieurwissenschaften in Weihenstephan untergebracht.
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Bioengineering (Sciences) department

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Studying at the Bioengineering (Sciences) department

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The Bioengineering (Sciences) department at Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences stands for scientifically sound, applied teaching - with a view to the professional profile of an engineer. This teaching is based on an understanding of biological principles in order to utilise them in a targeted and sustainable manner. Our professionally qualifying Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes are characterised by direct practical relevance and sound knowledge. A total of around 700 students study at our department.

At the Faculty of Bioengineering (Sciences), you can study for a Bachelor's degree in Biotechnology, Brewing and Beverage Technology or Applied Computer Science or opt for the Biotechnology Master's programme.

All Bachelor's degree programmes include an internship semester, which, like our final theses, is usually completed in industry or research institutions. Around 100 students go abroad every year. The demands of our degree programmes are high, but the career prospects in the relevant sectors are excellent.

Study programmes offered by the department


The history of the Bioengineering (Sciences) department


This was followed by a Master's programme in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences in Munich.


Brewing and Beverage Technology was added to the department.


Bioinformatics was added.


The department was founded with Biotechnology. Since then, we have continuously expanded our expertise.

Bioengineering (Sciences) department: our network

We continuously maintain and expand our network of companies and institutions in which our alumni work successfully. They are located both in the Weihenstephan region and far beyond.

These industries and institutions are part of our network:


  • Biopharmaceutical industry & process technology
  • breweries
  • start-ups


  • Helmholtz Centre Munich
  • Fraunhofer Institutes
  • Max Planck Institutes

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