The BIZ is open again!

Building C5 of the HSWT photographed from the garden
© Fakultät Bioingenieurwissenschaften

After closing for the winter semester, the Bioinformatics Centre BIZ (Building C5) will open its doors again at the start of the summer semester.

For many students, the BIZ at Vöttingerstraße 27 has been a popular place to go in recent years, even outside of the teaching that takes place there: as a study room in the timber construction, as a meeting place for the BI faculty's student council meetings, for meetings in the offices of the professors who "reside" there and, last but not least, for parties in the beautiful BIZ garden.

Energy crisis: saving gas is the order of the day

Corona already put the brakes on the use of the building, which was in need of renovation but extremely popular, and by the winter semester of 2022/2023 its use was discontinued altogether: as one of the two HSWT buildings heated with gas, the building was completely closed and only heated in frost protection mode in the wake of the energy crisis. The professors' offices had to be scattered around the campus and the teaching rooms were no longer used. Quiet and cold moved in after the BIZ was filled for more than half a year not only with the sounds from the teaching rooms, but also with children's voices!

Interim use: Our Ukrainian family

Because already at the beginning of April 2022, some members of the BI faculty joined together to form a support group and prepared the rooms on the upper floor of the BIZ for Ukrainian refugees to move in. Very quickly, we were asked by the Freising Scouts to provide a transitional home for a large Ukrainian family - so it was a matter of collecting enough beds, blankets, towels, hygiene articles, etc. The willingness to help was great: many donations in kind came together; the staff gave up their BIZ room in favour of the family; the students gave up part of their sanitary facilities in the BIZ, which were set up as a bathroom for the family; food and drinks were donated regularly; the family was accompanied to offices, Easter eggs for the children were hidden in the garden; birthdays were celebrated ... and much more!

The interplay of teaching and extended family life worked well and in time the children, who were very scared at the beginning, were seen playing in the beautiful garden of the BIZ and going on small tours with the donated bicycles. The older girls painted a poster and we were treated to Ukrainian delicacies at a small party.

The accommodation was planned as an interim solution, but when it was announced that the BIZ would be closed, we had to react quickly. After another stopover, the family is now well accommodated in Pulling and keeps in touch with members of the circle of supporters.

Just like before: students look forward to "their" BIZ

At the moment, there is still a lot of clearing out going on in order to put the stored IT equipment back in place and to make the closed offices ready for occupancy again. As of 15 March, the seminar and internship rooms of the BIZ will once again be busy as ever - the learning and meeting rooms in the BIZ will once again be ready for the students and the BI student council!

  • © Fakultät Bioingenieurwissenschaften
  • © Fakultät Bioingenieurwissenschaften
  • U. Kempe-Weber
  • Gemälde: Daria Podolianchuk Bild: U. Kempe-Weber