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Biomass Institute

With biomass as an energy source, the green circular economy is a significant step closer to realisation. The Biomass Institute of the HSWT in Triesdorf is conducting research on this.

The Biomass Institute at the HSWT

The Biomass Institute is a joint establishment of the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences (HSWT) and the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences (HSA). Its foundation in March 2016 was part of the North Bavaria InitiativeThe institute's headquarters address the Triesdorf campus of the HSWT in the western region of Middle Franconia. A second location is at the University campus of applied sciences in Ansbach, about 20 km away. At the same time, it is one of four institutes at the Centre for Research and Knowledge Transfer at the University of applied sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf.

Under the umbrella of the Biomass Institute, both universities are working confidently towards the common strategic goal of continuously advancing the use of biomass as a material and an energy source. As a joint knowledge and technology transfer center, the institute links to research and business. It intensifies the numerous activities in the field of biomass in the West Middle Franconia region and beyond. The Biomass Institute thus contributes to regional development and strengthens rural areas.

Research areas at the Biomass Institute

Focus on biomass production

Focus on biomass use

Research and transfer at the Biomass Institute ought to show ways for a prosperous economy with biomass, which is decoupled from the consumption of finite resources through innovations and meets the goals of our society in terms of environmental and climate protection. The research work on biomass usage takes place consistently along the value chain. They involve all actors and include success factors such as acceptance, feasibility, and the compatibility of economy and ecology right from the start.

Focus on legal, social & economic aspects

The transformation towards a resource and environmentally-friendly economy with renewable resources ("bioeconomy") requires a rethink in all economic sectors in society and politics. In line with the cross-sectional research topic "Legal, societal and economic aspects" the Biomass Institute wants to identify the necessary course settings in legislation and politics and show ways for a functioning combination of economic and societal goals.

Research Projects