Drei Studierende stehen in einem Lebensmittellabor zwischen großen Kesseln
  • Innovation on the plates of the world

Institute for Food Technology

At the Institute for Food Technology, scientists are working on the food of the future: climate-neutral, nutritious, and energy-efficient.

Interdisciplinary food research at the Weihenstephan Campus

The Institute of Food Technology (ILM) places particular emphasis on application-oriented research and conducts research in close cooperation with the departments of Horticulture and Food Technology. Findings and experience from research benefit the teaching in the Food Technology degree programme and the Food Quality degree programme.

At the scientific location Freising-Weihenstephan, we bundle the competencies of the relevant  disciplines to food. In research and teaching, all topics from the production of raw materials, and processing to marketing are represented. Interdisciplinary networking and strong practical relevance create optimal conditions for successful research and development.

Research areas of the Institute of Food Technology

Food Startup Incubator Weihenstephan (FSIWS)

The Food Startup Incubator (FSIWS) at the HSWT provides the necessary infrastructure for founders of innovations in the food sector and facilitates the transfer of knowledge between the Institute for Food Technology and entrepreneurs.

Research Projects


Lageplan der Gebäude H am Campus Weihenstephan.


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