Studierende der Lebensmittelsicherheit verlassen den Getränkeprüfstand
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  • Process Safety & Product Development

Food Quality

Whether in the laboratory or at the flipchart - after your Master's degree, you will ensure product safety and quality in the food sector.

Your studies in a nutshell
  • Duration  3 semesters
  • Language  German / English
  • Location  Campus Weihenstephan
  • Semester  Summer semester / Winter semester
Master of Engineering (M. Eng.)
Admission restriction


Application deadline

29 April – 31 July 2024

Food Quality & Safety: This is what awaits you in your studies at the HSWT

The food industry is booming: the food trade recorded a turnover of 224.56 billion euros in 2020. No wonder, because everyone has to eat and Germans are becoming more and more quality-conscious. With the Food Quality degree programme, you will acquire skills and knowledge that will help you in both product development and quality management. Like the other degree programmes in the field of nutrition, the Master's programme is particularly practice-oriented.

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Food Quality in the Master's Programme: Study Content in Product Development & Process Safety

Studierende arbeiten im Lebensmitteltechnikum an einer Abfüllanlage.
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The degree programme provides in-depth expertise in developing and producing high-quality food and can be studied with two different specialisations. As a student of the Master's degree programme Food Quality, you choose one of two fields of study:

  • Product development: You develop new foods and implement them technologically.
  • Applied process safety in the area of food: You evaluate and optimise manufacturing processes and finished food with a view to risks.

Food safety methods and skills are applied in both specialisations. These four departments at the University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf teach the contents of the interdisciplinary Master's degree:

In addition, the Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety (LGL) provides essential teaching services.

You benefit from a variety of possible elective modules. In the product development field of study, our students also develop a concrete product. In supervised group work, you will learn to find product ideas, to check their technological feasibility, to assess the market opportunities and to prepare the market launch.

Structure of the Master's Programme in Food Quality

The Master's programme in Food Quality has a standard period of study of three semesters and runs across campuses in both Weihenstephan (Upper Bavarian district of Freising) and Triesdorf (Middle Franconian district of Ansbach). The courses take place in the winter semester at the Weihenstephan campus and in the summer semester in Triesdorf or Weihenstephan, depending on the field of study.

Field of study applied process safety:... takes place entirely at the Weihenstephan campus.

Product development field of study: The compulsory modules of the summer semester are offered in Triesdorf (partly in block teaching). The subsequent development project, in which students apply their knowledge in practice, takes place in Triesdorf. A very limited number of places are also available in Weihenstephan.

The Master's thesis can be written in Triesdorf or Weihenstephan or in a company or research institute in Germany or abroad.

Field of study Product Development

Field of study applied process safety

These career prospects await graduates of the Food Quality Master's programme

The food sector offers a wide range of career opportunities: HSWT students already set the course for their future during their studies. Elective modules such as Molecular Biological Methods in Food Analysis, Genetic Engineering, Functional Ingredients, Hygienic Design, World Trade in the Agricultural and Food Industry, Consulting, Communication and Negotiation, Innovation Management, Animal Welfare along the Value Chain or Communication in Crisis Management, for example, qualify you for these fields of activity:

  • national & international food industry
  • research in the food sector
  • higher civil service

Application for the Master Food Quality

You apply for the Master's programme with your Bachelor's degree. This results in a ranking that decides on admission to the degree programme - the ranking is carried out separately according to fields of study; it is possible to apply for both fields of study. Foreign applicants must also prove sufficient knowledge of German (B2 level), as the language of instruction for both fields of study is German.

These are the special requirements for admission to the two fields of study:

  • In the field of applied process safety, admission is only possible for the winter semester. There are 25 places available.
  • The Product Development programme can be started in either the summer or winter semester. Here, too, 25 places are offered in both semesters.

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