• Laufzeit: 01.04.2023 – 30.04.2027
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Exploration and Implementation of Products with Alternative Proteins in Mediterranean Region (ProxIMed)

The objective of ProxIMed is to introduce proteins from sustainable sources into the Mediterranean food and feed systems to promote and establish the use of alternative proteins. Traditional alt-protein sources of plant origin (lentil, faba bean and chia seeds; “Novel food” protein sources (micro-algae, insects, mycoprotein, tomato and mallow leaves, duckweed) and agro‐industrial by-products (tomato pomace, sesame cake, date cake) are selected for this purpose. Innovative and green processing technologies aiming minimal impact on nutrients will be used to produce the selected proteins. The alternative proteins will then be implemented into more than 20 final products (protein powder concentrates as ingredients, capsules to be used as supplements and several protein-enriched food and feed products) and introduced to the Mediterranean consumers in different regions (Middle East, Northern Africa and Europe).

Cartographic country overview
ProxIMed Countries © ProxIMed / HSWT
Graphical summary of the project
Visual Summary ProxIMed © ProxIMed / HSWT


Novel processes and the protein value chain will be assessed for environmental, economic and social impacts. ProxIMed will evaluate all proteins for their techno-functional properties and will select sustainable, innovative production technologies for the development and production of different products. The selection of these products and processes will be based on LCA where sustainability approaches will be implemented in line with the SDGs.

Consumer, sensory and market analysis will be the axis of ProxIMed project and will be conducted for representative countries. ProxIMed’s effective cooperation between industry partners, local producers and SMEs over Med and EU will enable and extend the impactful exchange between stakeholders including country policy makers.

Health, safety and nutritional aspects of all products will be assessed by measuring bio-accessibility and bioavailability of nutrients and by estimating the presence of antinutritional factors and allergenicity, for all food and feed products. ProxIMed is a high impact project for the development of alternative protein products based on consumers’ choices and environmental assessment of innovative and green technologies with the direct involvement of industry partners.

In fact, effective social media management tools, workshops, training and public engagement activities will be developed from the beginning of the project for optimal information flow to all relevant stakeholders including policymakers. Outcomes of dissemination activities will be used to elaborate exploitation plans for the project, to be complemented with business models for each exploitable product and partner, ensuring a proper mobilization of the consortium resources.




Adressierte SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)