Semester fees

Amount and due date


From the 2018/19 winter semester, the semester fee amounts to

  • € 129,40 for Freising (€ 62 Student Union fee + € 67,40 solidarity contribution for the semester ticket) and
  • € 42 for Triesdorf students


Due date

Upon enrolment and re-registration the amount is payable by the official deadline specified by the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences using the defined payment method. Currently, re-registration is only possible by transferring the semester fee during the re-registration period.

The due date for payment for the 2018/19 winter semester is

Monday 09/07/2018.

All payable fees must have been paid into the 'Staatsoberkasse' account by this date. The university's bank details, the individual payment reference and the semester fee amount can be found in Student.Online from 18/06/2018.

For first-year students, the due date is specified in the admission letter.

If the fees due are not paid on time, the re-registration will not be completed and the student will be de-registered at the end of the previous semester.

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Solidarity contribution for the semester ticket

An exemption from paying the solidarity contribution for the semester ticket is only available for severely disabled individuals who are entitled to free transportation in accordance with Social Code Book (SGB) IX and who provide the supplementary sheet as proof of severe disability with a valid ticket. Please also refer to the information provided by the Munich Student Union.

An informal, written application must be submitted to the university before the deadline (i.e. before the re-registration deadline). Please note that original or certified copies of the evidence mentioned above (ID for free transportation on local public transport, incl. the supplementary sheet and the ticket provided by the Ministry for Family and Social Affairs) must also be submitted.

Please note:

Exemption from the payment obligation due to an LOA semester or practical semester is not possible pursuant to §5 (1) of the Articles of Association of the Munich Student Union on an additional contribution to transportation of students using local public transport (solidarity contribution for the semester ticket).

Tuition fee obligation

Students are retrospectively exempted from the tuition fee obligation upon application as a result of exceptional performance, if:

  • they have paid tuition fees in at least four semesters in a diploma or bachelor's degree programme or in at least two semesters in master's degree programmes
  • completed their studies during the standard course duration


  • were in the top 10 percent of students on their programme in their academic year.

An academic year includes a winter semester and the subsequent summer semester.

Please note:

All of the graduates entitled to an exemption will be informed of the opportunity to submit an application in January.

The exemption application must be submitted no later than a year after successfully passing your final examination.

Please contact your responsible contact for further details on exemptions.

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Student Union fees

The Student Union fee for students at the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences amounts to

  • € 42 for the Triesdorf campus,
  • € 62 for the Weihenstephan campus (from the 2017/18 winter semester).

You can obtain more information from the student unions:

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Semester ticket

The Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences participates in the semester ticket provided by the Münchner Verkehrsverbund since the 2014 summer semester.

The MVV semester ticket consists of a mandatory solidarity contribution of € 67,40 (from the 2018 summer semester) for all students, which includes a temporary travel permit for the entire MVV network with a student ID and a semester ticket (IsarCard Semester) with an unlimited travel permit across the entire MVV network, which students can voluntarily purchase at ticket machines and MVV outlets.

The solidarity contribution is collected by the university, together with the Student Union fee, for students at the Weihenstephan campus upon re-registration or enrolling and forwarded to the Student Union.

Triesdorf students fall under the Erlangen-Nuremberg Student Union's responsibility and are excluded from the semester ticket.

When first printing the MVV logo on the Student.Card, the travel permit is only valid from the semester for which the student has enrolled or re-registered.

Scope of the travel permit

The Student.Card with the MVV logo printed on it is a valid semester ticket for the duration of the validity period printed on the card in conjunction with a valid ID and includes the following travel authorisation:

  • Monday to Friday between 6:00p.m. and 6:00 a.m. the following day
  • No time restrictions on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and on 24 and 31 December
  • The travel permit is valid for the entire MVV network
  • The travel permit is valid for all approved network transport in 2nd class (suburban trains, underground trains, trams, buses and approved regional trains)
  • The travel permit is valid from the first to the last day of the relevant semester (in the summer semester: 15/03–30/09 / in the winter semester: 01/10–14/03)

A valid ID must always be displayed as clear identification during checks.

Zone or time tariff tickets must be purchased for trips that take place before or after the period of validity of the travel permit with the Student.Card.

IsarCard Semester

The IsarCard Semester costs € 195,70 (from the 2018 summer semester) and is a voluntary ticket that is valid for a semester.

  • The IsarCard Semester permits unlimited trips across the entire MVV network without time restrictions
  • The travel permit is valid for all approved network transport in 2nd class (suburban trains, underground trains, trams, buses and approved regional trains)
  • The travel permit is valid from the first to the last day of the relevant semester (in the summer semester: 15/03–30/09 / in the winter semester: 01/10–14/03)
  • The IsarCard Semester is valid for a semester and until midday the following day

The IsarCard Semester can be purchased from the following places:

  • MVG ticket machines (e.g. at underground stations)
  • DB ticket machines within the MVV network (e.g. at suburban train stations)
  • Ticket machines on MVV regional buses
  • MVG Customer Centre
  • Private MVG outlets (kiosks and the like, predominantly in the Munich city area)
  • BOB Customer Centre

To purchase the IsarCard Semester you must have your Student.Card and provide or enter your matriculation number. The purchase receipt that is always issued when purchasing the IsarCard Semester should be stored in a safe place, as only one replacement card is issued with this purchase receipt if you lose your IsarCard Semester.

Please note: Please do not laminate the IsarCard Semester or the purchase receipt, as this is printed on thermal paper which becomes illegible if heat is applied. This will destroy your proof of purchase. Sleeves for your semester ticket can be obtained from Student.Service.

Contact for all questions on the solidarity contribution

Studentenwerk München
Abteilung Hauptverwaltung & Soziales
Sekretariat HV
Leopoldstraße 15
80802 München
Tel.: 089/38196 -197
E-Mail: hauptverwaltung [at]

Further info on the semester ticket

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