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Landscape Architecture

...for when it’s all about 'protecting nature, maintaining it and shaping landscapes'.

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Prof. Christoph Jensen, subject advisor, no fixed consulting hours | Please arrange an appointment by email in advance: christoph.jensen [at]

At a glance

Academic qualification

Bachelor of Engineering

Duration of studies

7 semesters

Language of instruction

German (proof of proficiency is required)



Programme start date

Winter semester

Admission restrictions


Course content

Landscape architecture involves the conservation and new interpretation of landscapes and the design of open spaces such as gardens, parks, and squares in towns and cities. This includes both the development and design of cultural landscapes and urban open spaces and the protection of natural landscapes to preserve environmental quality and quality of life.
As a landscape architect, you combine knowledge of ecology and plants with expertise in design and structural engineering, taking into account the necessary garden conservation measures.
In order to implement ideas and projects, you need appropriate planning and design skills. You also have to demonstrate management skills. Joined up thinking is paramount here.
It is also important for you to acquire knowledge and expertise in collaborating with the local population in the planning and implementation of projects and in achieving political and social acceptance for them. In the programme, you will also be taught practice-based methods to solve design, ecological and planning problems. During your training as a landscape architect, a high value is placed on the numerous projects you will undertake, which will involve intense discussions between you and your lecturers. Part-time lecturers from the private sector will also be involved in these projects. Team work is a fundamental part of project work. These projects also train you in presenting the ideas you have worked on to customers and the local population. The supervised practical training semester is an important component of the practice-based education and training provided at Weihenstephan.

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