Participating degree programmes

The aim of this process is to provide a transparent way of speeding up the allocation of university places. coordinates the allocation of places on higher education courses with local admission restrictions and prevents prospective students from being accepted onto more than one of the participating degree programmes. This means that fewer university places remain vacant.

Applicants can use the site to view the current status of their applications to the participating degree programmes and thereby better assess their chances of being accepted.

See our application web page for the participating degree programmes.

Prospective students can choose to apply for courses from the entire range offered by Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences as well as for up to twelve degree programmes on the portal.

Phases of the application

Application phase

Begin by registering with During registration, you will receive an applicant ID (BID from the German ‘Bewerber-ID’) and authentication number (BAN from the German ‘Bewerber-Authentifizierungs-Nummer’), both of which you will need throughout the application process. After registering, apply via the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences Application Portal. During registration, you have the opportunity to enter your BID and BAN. Doing so transfers your personal data from Hochschulstart to the university’s own application portal. After registering on the university’s portal, apply for the degree programme you wish to follow. As soon as you have submitted your application online, print and sign the application form and return it to the university, together with the required documents, no later than 15 July. This is the date by which the application must be received by the university. If you do not have access to a copy of your higher education entrance qualification certificate by this date, you may submit it separately. However, this document must be received by the university no later than 27 July.

Coordination phase 1

Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences reviews the applications and forwards its decisions to, which is responsible for allocating the university places. You may view the status of your application for the above-mentioned degree programmes and any offers of admission by accessing your user account. As soon as you have accepted an offer, all your remaining applications are removed from the system to make way for other applicants.

Decision phase

If you have not accepted any offers of admission by the start of the decision phase, you now have one final chance to amend the order of priority of your applications for coordination phase 2. If you choose not to amend your order of priority, your applications will be dealt with according to the order in which they were originally listed.

Coordination phase 2

If, by this point, you have still not accepted any offers of admission, the most suitable offer will be automatically sent to you on the basis of your personal priorities and the ranking lists provided by the universities.

Enrolling/confirming your place at university

To accept your offer of a place, go to your page. If you have been offered a place and you go to "Meine Bewerbungen" (my applications), you will find an icon for "Aktionen" (actions) under the applications you have made which will allow you to check and accept your offer of a place.

Once you have firmly accepted a place, your "Status" will change to "zugelassen" (admitted). Once admitted, you can enrol directly via the HSWT portal.


Your letter of admission provides you with all the details for enrolment. This will be displayed on the portal within a few days for you to call up and print out (if you have chosen to be notified electronically) and/or sent to you in the post. You can only enrol via the HSWT applicant portal; you cannot enrol via

To avoid losing your place, you must enrol within the period specified in the letter of admission.

Enrolment in a degree programme is binding; once enrolled, you cannot enrol in another. Enrolment in another degree programme by mistake - for whatever reason - cannot be rectified.

You can enrol via the HSWT as soon as your status on the portal for an application is given as "zugelassen" (admitted). (You may need to wait for a short time for the information on the two portals to be synchronised) Once enrolled, you can print out a provisional enrolment certificate and your future enrolment number will be displayed.

If you have already received an offer of a place from one university but are waiting for an offer from another which you prefer, put your application for a place at the university you prefer in first place on the portal. Only offers of admission for applications put in first place will be automatically converted to admissions in coordinating phase 2 if you are offered a place by more than one university.

Ensure you always use the correct login details when logging in on both portals (HSWT and Use your user ID and chosen password to login to your personal applicant page on the HSWT portal. 

Regularly check your application status on both portals, especially on the HSWT portal! You will only be notified of any missing documents on the HSWT applicant portal.


The stages described above run to a very strict timetable:

Application phase2 May - 15 July
Coordination phase 1*16 July - 15 August
Decision phase16 August - 18 August
Coordination phase 219 August - 24 August

*Coordination phase 1 takes place between 16 July and 15 August. This does not mean that you will receive offers of admission on 16 July. The precise timings of this depend on the respective universities and the regulations by which they are bound, some of which may differ significantly between states. However, all universities must have completed their admission procedure by 15 August so that all offers of admission can be made available on the portal by this date.

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