Kickoff for training series on e-learning with African partner universities

Auf dem Foto sind Cornelia Horsch, Dr. Eric Veuillet und Dr. Karla Sichelschmidt zu sehen. Aufgenommen wurde das Bild nach der Wiederwahl Veuillets zum Präsidenten der Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf.

The Covid 19 pandemic has done one good thing for education: it has encouraged everyone to use digital tools for teaching and it has shown us, that it can work. Now that we go back to "normal", we can build on the positive experiences to use more of the potentials e-learning offers. Together with seven African partner universities, the HSWT works on the development of digital learning materials for agricultural economics and entrepreneurship in food value chains to support the activities in the Technology and Transfer Pact (TAP). The partners pointed out that it would be necessary not only to develop digital content for teaching, but also to build capacities in e-learning. The training series is an answer to this request. It will provide one online training per month on topics proposed by the partners. During the Kickoff, 20 participants were introduced to an online collaboration tool which they consequently used during the Kickoff to get to know each other and to collect topics for the next training workshops. The training series is part of the project Training Pact with Africa (AmA).

Group picture of the participants of the Kickoff