Excursion: IMLA students visit different projects in Germany

photo students on a staircase

Mid of October 2020 the IMLA team organised an excursion in Germany with insights into current landscape architecture projects and urban developments in the cities of Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Essen, Duisburg and Ingolstadt for the IMLA students in the current second semester.

Due to the Corona virus situation there needed to be many restrictions and of course a hygienic concept. Nevertheless, the group of international students was really happy to get the possibility for such an excursion in the currently mainly online organised semester.

The following projects were visited:

  • Stuttgart: Green U (Höhenpark Killesberg, Park Grüne Fuge, Killesbergturm, ...), Weissenhofsiedlung
  • Düsseldorf: Current changes in the city centre with a special focus on the Kö-Bogen area, Rhine bank promenade, Blaugrüner Ring (competition), Medienhafen
  • Essen: University Park / Grüne Mitte Essen, RS1 Radschnellweg Ruhr (bicycle expressway), Zeche Zollverein
  • Duisburg: Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord
  • Ingolstadt: Landesgartenschau (regional garden show) area

The excursion was financially supported by the programme 'Förderung des Studienerfolgs ausländischer Vollstudierender' of the Bavarian State Ministry of Science.

With regard to the Main Project II task of the current winter term students had the possibility to choose between two alternative themes:

  • The Port Island of the Future: Art-driven revitalisation of the local cityscape Gdańsk, Poland (International students’ competition) or
  • Along the RRX railway line: Lost space or 'Social Sculpture'? in Düsseldorf, Germany

In Düsseldorf, participants of the RRX railway line task had the chance to visit the project area together with their supervisors and local experts during the excursion.

  • photo view over stuttgart
    View from the Killesberg tower
  • photo wall board with information about the Weissenhofsiedlung
    Visit of the Weissenhofsiedlung in Stuttgart
  • photo group of students with professor looking at plans
    Guided tour with Prof. Thomas Fenner (FSWLA), in Düsseldorf: current changes in the city centre and the Kö-Bogen area
  • photo group of students with professor, building in the background
    Visit of the construction site in the heart of the Kö-Bogen area
  • photo group of students with professor, on meadow with river in background
    Guided tour with Thomas Wündrich (Wündrich Landschaftsarchitekten) in Düsseldorf: Rhine bank promenade
  • photo group of students with professor, building in the background
    Prof. Ingrid Schegk (HSWT) explains the planning principles of the Unipark Essen
  • photo group of students with professor on, in front of and beside metal scaffolding
    A part of the IMLA group in the Grüne Mitte Essen, close to the RS1 bicycle expressway Ruhr
  • photo group of students with professor on a meadow
    Excursion participants forming 'IMLA'
  • photo place with red furniture building and steel construction in the background
    Visit of the Zeche Zollverein in Essen
  • photo steel bridge, trees, meadow and steel construction in the background
    Zeche Zollverein Park
  • photo two students and professor in front of steel construction
    Impressive scenery of the former coking plant of the Zeche Zollverein
  • photo group of students with assistant on place with metal plates steel construction in the background
    Piazza Metallica, Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord
  • photo place with metal plates steel construction in the background illuminated with different colours
    Light installation of the British artist Jonathan Park (Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord)
  • photo group of students on a playground
    Visit of the LGS / Landesgartenschau (regional garden show) area Ingolstadt: originally planned for 2020, due to Corona postponed to 2021
  • photo group students on plates in water surface background trees and meadow
    Students exploring the water gardens of the LGS
  • photo professor background trees and meadow
    Prof. Dr. Thomas Brunsch (HSWT) explains the HSWT contribution (university garden) at the LGS
  • photo professor and three students background fence building trees and meadow
    Students listening Prof. Dr. Thomas Brunsch's explanations
  • photo garden, pavement with slabs, gravel and grass, art object and wall, background trees
    View into the HSWT university garden
  • photo shrubs with autumn colouring, background walls
    Autumn impressions in the HSWT university garden
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