Studierende des Studiengangs Food Management kochen in der Lehrküche in Triesdorf

Interdisciplinary study of nutrition & food

Nutrition & Food Sciences

Nutrition adventure: Learn everything about the production of food and its health-promoting use in seven semesters - with your individual focus.

Your degree programme in a nutshell
  • Duration  7 semesters
  • Language  German
  • Location  Campus Triesdorf
  • Semester  Winter semester
  • Work  With in-depth practice
Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.)
Admission restriction


Application deadline

29 April – 31 July 2024

Your degree programme in Nutrition & Food Sciences

Our interdisciplinary degree programme in Nutrition and Food Science imparts knowledge about the entire value chain of food and healthy or health-promoting nutrition. The programme content ranges from primary production, processing and product development to health-promoting nutrition and dietetics.

We all want good food. But being full is not enough - the quality has to be right, it has to be healthy and it should also taste good. Today, this is no longer a private matter: in modern society, the climate and resources must be conserved. Communal catering and care catering are also becoming increasingly important: millions of people eat in canteens, cafeterias, hospitals and care facilities, schools and kindergartens every day. Operators must offer appetising meals that go beyond light meals and take economic aspects into account. At different stages of life, from childhood to old age, during illness or pregnancy, people need the right nutrition - and specialised staff to provide it.

Nutrition & Food Sciences: This is what you will study

Studierende der Ernährungswirtschaft in der Lehrküche der HSWT

Students on the Nutrition and Food Sciences degree programme at Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences benefit from a broad base of scientific, engineering and economic knowledge in the food industry and gastronomy: from raw materials to the development of products and the production and distribution of food and meals. During the course of your studies, you will choose your focus: you will either specialise in classic food value creation or in nutrition as a therapeutic concept.

  • The foundation course lays the scientific foundations, including physiological and biochemical knowledge of the nutrition of healthy and sick people in the dietetics specialisation. We combine this content with management and business studies, which are essential for professions in food production or quality assurance.
  • This is followed in higher semesters by in-depth practical and specialised courses with a focus on one of the two fields of study, Nutrition & Dietetics or Food Production & Management. The nutrition specialisation focuses on the nutrition and care of both healthy and sick people. The second specialisation deals with food itself - from the quality of raw materials to marketing in the food retail trade.

Study structure: This is how your Nutrition & Food Science degree programme works

The degree programme includes a joint foundation course and is divided into two fields of study, Food and Nutrition & Dietetics, from the 3rd semester onwards.

Focus of your degree programme in Nutrition & Food Sciences

Studierende der Lebensmittelwirtschaft analysieren Flüssigkeiten im Labor in Triesdorf

Nutrition & Dietetics degree programme:

Nutrition that keeps people and the environment healthy and is scientifically based is at the centre of the Nutrition and Dietetics degree programme. For example, how can we prevent illness or help sick people with nutritional therapy? Nutritional science, medicine, dietetics and catering are integrated into a holistic concept. By completing this specialisation, you will achieve the required number of 100 subject-specific ECTS for the Association Certificate in Nutritional Therapy.

Study programme Food:

From raw material to enjoyment! The Food specialisation deals with the raw materials, production, processing and refinement of food along the value chain. Corporate concepts, business management and technological aspects are intertwined here. The focus is on the quality and safety of food, but also on sustainability and enjoyment.

Career prospects in the food industry

Food managers trained in Triesdorf are in demand. This is demonstrated by the many new collaborations with the meat industry, dairy and potato product companies, manufacturers of vegan products, logistics companies from the raw materials sector and processors of animal by-products, for example for pet supplies and livestock farming. Associations and quality assurance institutions are also interested in Triesdorf alumni - numerous companies are listed in Triesdorf Connect.

Combine nutrition & food science with vocational qualification

The Nutrition and Food Science degree programme can also be studied in close cooperation with industry, with a focus on food - in two different models: In the work-study programme, you can acquire both a Bachelor's degree (Bachelor of Science) and a vocational qualification as a food technology specialist, a commercial apprenticeship or similar in around 4.5 years. In the course with intensive practical work, you will expand your practical experience in cooperating companies far beyond the required practical time.

Cooperation partners from the food industry

We expect you to fulfil these requirements for the Nutrition & Food Science degree programme

If you would like to study nutrition and food science in Triesdorf, you should have a willingness to learn and perform as well as a great interest in food and economic contexts. Are you motivated, curious and keen to learn and work in a team? Then apply for the Bachelor's degree programme: there are no admission restrictions such as a numerus clausus (NC) for Nutrition and Food Science. Applicants without a general higher education entrance qualification, subject-restricted higher education entrance qualification or entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences can also qualify for the Bachelor's degree programme by gaining relevant work experience in the food industry.

Food & Nutrition in Triesdorf: Why you're making the right choice with us

  • Interdisciplinary knowledge transfer: The close links between agricultural production, processing, trade and catering offer a unique opportunity to study nutrition and food along the entire value chain.
  • Opportunities for personal development: Both your choice of degree programme and numerous courses outside the degree programmes increase your professional flexibility and expertise.
  • Practical experience: You will already gain valuable professional experience in interdisciplinary project and case studies, through practical courses, in many internships and in the compulsory practical semester. You will apply theoretical knowledge of food production and analysis directly.
  • Dual study options: The Nutrition and Food Sciences degree programme is also offered as a dualwork-study programme in the form of combined studies or a course with intensive practical work.

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