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Agriculture and business: In the Bachelor of Agribusiness (formerly Industrial Engineering Agricultural Marketing and Management) you will build a bridge between the market, management, technology and agriculture, ensuring sustainability, quality and profit.

Your studies in a nutshell
  • Duration  7 semesters
  • Language  German
  • Location  Campus Weihenstephan
  • Semester  Winter semester
  • Work  With in-depth practice
Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng.)
Admission restriction


Application deadline

29 April – 15 July 2024

Study Agribusiness: Bridge between Agriculture & Trade

Agribusiness covers the entire value chain of food production, starting with Agriculture production and the necessary technologies, through processing to sales and consumption. The constant scarcity of resources, international competition and the increasing demands of consumers require highly trained specialists with multiple qualifications in business and Agriculture - you are in demand! The Agribusiness degree programme will make you a sought-after and competent specialist at the interface between agricultural production, Agricultural Engineering, food production and its marketing. As one of the HSWT degree programmes in Agricultural Science, the Bachelor's degree programme covers the commercial side of Agriculture.

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Study contents of the Bachelor of Agribusiness

Agribusiness-Studenten arbeiten am Laptop vor einem Traktor

The Bachelor's degree programme in Agribusiness replaces the previous degree programme in Agribusiness Marketing and Management. In the Agribusiness degree programme, we combine economics, sustainable Agriculture, digitalisation and Agricultural Engineering into one discipline.

These topics await you on the Bachelor's degree programme in Agribusiness:

  • In the subject area of economics, you will acquire comprehensive skills in business management, agricultural economics and market structures. After graduating, you will be able to apply your knowledge of business management, financing principles, marketing (including social media), trade and marketing structures in a targeted manner.
  • The understanding of agricultural processes acquired in the Agribusiness degree programme will help you to design customer-oriented solutions and develop innovative, profitable proposals for the company. You are familiar with the economic and ecological challenges in Agriculture.
  • The degree programme at HSWT also provides you with interdisciplinary skills: You see change as an opportunity because you have learnt to think in systems across sectors.
  • You have learned about and applied the practical application of digitalisation using various examples during your studies. This will enable you to support the optimised management of processes in Agriculture and in the company. This includes the collection of data for documentation, traceability and quality management as well as targeted big data management.

On the Agribusiness degree programme, you will encounter both scientific theory and practical content in a balanced ratio. In addition to application-orientated project work, practical relevance is guaranteed, particularly in the practical semester. Here you can choose between a purely commercial practical part or a combined Agriculture and Business practical semester.

A wide range of elective modules offers you the opportunity to further develop your individual profile. The selection includes business, Agriculture, personal development, language modules and modules qualifying you for scientific work.

How the Agribusiness degree programme is structured

The degree programme comprises six theoretical semesters with many application-oriented elements and a practical semester. The course always starts in the winter semester on 1 October each year. The module overview for the Agribusiness degree programme provides information on the content of the individual semesters.

Agribusiness: career prospects after graduation

The boundaries and responsibilities between production and distribution, between manufacturing and selling companies are becoming increasingly blurred. This so-called verticalisation in the value chains of the agricultural and food industry requires workers with technical production and economic knowledge. In the Agribusiness degree programme, you will learn to creatively design sustainable value chains with digital tools and make valuable contributions to shaping the upstream and downstream areas of Agriculture.

Graduates of the Bachelor's degree programme in Agribusiness are characterised by multiple qualifications in business and agriculture. They work in the following areas, for example:

  • Trade: Leading functions in the purchase and sale of raw and finished products as well as in application consulting for feed, fertilisers, plant treatment products and agricultural machinery.
  • Agricultural & food industry: Coordination of technical & commercial tasks; preparation of decisions & participation in company management; development of marketing strategies & their implementation.
  • Service companies: Management consultancy; tax consultancy & accounting; clerk at banks & insurance companies; handling analysis & coordination tasks in marketing companies.
  • Agriculture organisations and interest groups: Managing directors of self-help organisations such as producer organisations, sales cooperatives and the like: information, advice & representation of members.
  • Public service / civil servants: Supervision of marketing programmes; market economy consulting & quality control; clerk at market and price reporting offices, 3rd qualification level.
  • Communication: Staff at press, radio & television and agencies.
  • International business: The foreign language skills acquired during the degree programme help to ensure that the aforementioned functions can also be performed at an international level.

course with intensive practical work

The Bachelor's degree programme in Agribusiness is also offered as a 'course with intensive practical work'. This form of dual study programme offers the opportunity to gain extensive work experience in a company during fixed practical phases alongside the regular Bachelor's degree course.

The close integration of academic theory and professional practice opens up optimal career opportunities: more and more companies are participating in dual study programmes in order to recruit managers with a high level of practical experience at an early stage.

You can decide in the first semester whether you would like to study with in-depth practical experience.

Requirements, admission & application for the Agribusiness degree programme

There are no admission restrictions in the sense of an NC (numerus clausus) for applying to study Agribusiness at Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences!

Preliminary work placement is currently not required. Nevertheless, we recommend that prospective students who have no previous practical training in Agriculture complete an internship in an agricultural training company before starting their studies.

Study Agribusiness in Weihenstephan: Why you've come to the right place!

  • interdisciplinary: Numerous institutions in the scientific and practice-oriented agricultural sector are networked at the Weihenstephan Campus.
  • individual: project studies, coaching, skills workshops, mentoring & student working groups support personal development.
  • competent: clear focus on management
  • practice-orientated: The degree programme is also offered as a dual course with intensive practical work.

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