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  • Educational opportunities at the HSWT

Centre for Continuing Education

Keeping up with the challenges of our time - we believe that continuous learning is the key. The Centre for Continuing Education has made it its mission to organise up-to-date continuing education.

Lifelong learning & career advancement with HSWT

The continuing education programme at the University of applied sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf expands and complements the classic consecutive degree programmes with a sustainable and dynamically designed portfolio of scientific continuing education courses. The offer includes national, international and advanced training courses specifically geared to the future topics of climate and sustainability. They are all:

  • life-phase oriented
  • megatrend-oriented
  • professionally oriented
  • participant-oriented

The Centre for Continuing Education of the HSWT coordinates this additional offer, through which professional and personal competences can be individually developed.

National further education offers

The Centre for Continuing Education supports the teaching staff and departments in the development, implementation and execution of new continuing education programmes. In doing so, it also acts as a multiplier between the departments and the administration.

Together with our internal and external academic experts, we also create innovative, practical and green continuing education programmes for the German-speaking region.

Animal health management

Competence through knowledge advantage: The veterinary advanced training sets veterinary focal points in the health management of cattle, pigs or poultry and allows an individual study profile.

International further education offers

Germany has an excellent training system and a high standard in companies and businesses. For companies from partner countries that have technical deficits, especially in the applied field, we offer concentrated subject-specific further education courses in the field of applied life sciences and green technologies in various languages.

The practice-oriented courses on applied topics are offered by professors and staff of the University of applied sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf and by top Bavarian experts. Professional interpreters for various languages make the training courses interesting for a broad target group of international agricultural experts.

Further education offer Climate and Sustainability

Climate fluctuations have always existed in the course of evolution. However, the changes have never occurred at such a rapid pace as at present, making it difficult for humans and nature to adapt to the consequences of climate change. Actors from politics, business and society talk about the different perspectives and dangers of this phenomenon. What are the real figures, what can we do?

As a University of applied sciences, we provide neutral and scientifically sound facts on climate change, as well as information and further education opportunities to protect our planet Earth (information events, module qualifications, further education studies, etc.). Climate change and sustainability are interrelated. Sustainable production, consumption and disposal save resources (monetary and ecological). This complex subject area is also part of the agenda of the Centre for Continuing Education.

Our target groups are:

  • Teachers & students

  • Companies

  • Authorities, districts & municipalities

  • Associations & organisations

  • Private individuals / everyone