Drone course in Triesdorf

Certificate Course Drones in Agriculture

The use of drones in Agriculture requires theoretical and practical knowledge on the handling of modern sensor and camera technology. The seminar on drones (UAV) and sensor technology in Agriculture covers the most important topics over 5 days.

Your furhter education
  • Duration  5 days
  • Language  German / English
  • Location  Campus Triesdorf
HSWT Certificate
Further dates

04.03. – 08.03.2024
08.07. – 12.07.2024
04.11. – 08.11.2024
or on request

Admission requirements

Basic knowledge of agricultural engineering and technology


from 100€ per participant per day, plus travel and accommodation costs

Drone seminar in Triesdorf: Using drones in agriculture

The use of drones (UAV) is becoming increasingly important in modern agriculture. Whether for field surveying, monitoring plant growth or optimising fertilisation, irrigation and crop protection. The drone course not only includes practical flight exercises, but also provides information on the efficient use of drones in agriculture. The participants of the drone course with HSWT certificate will learn in the 5-day seminar: The application possibilities of professional drones are diverse and also pay off in business terms.

Course contents of the certificate course Drones & Sensor Technology in Agriculture

Theoretical contents:

  • Theoretical basic knowledge of drones (UAV) technique & technology.
  • Theoretical introduction to different drones, their purpose & functions (plant protection, pest infestation, tracking of game, etc.)
  • Processing of drone data
  • Selection criteria for buying a drone

Practical course content:

  • Teaching basic drone skills & flight exercises:
    • DJI Phantom 4 quadcopter with 12 MP camera
    • ThirdElement Hexacopter with 24 MP CIR camera
  • GPS & GNSS surveying and mapping with drones
  • Field & ground analysis using multi-spectral & thermal cameras and laser scanners on drones
  • Examples & applications of multi-purpose sensors & multispectral cameras with drones in Agriculture
  • Other topics on request ...
Target group

Agriculture managers, agricultural engineers, mechatronics engineers

Group size

Currently only group enquiries - Optimal group size 15 participants (min. 12, max. 24 participants)


HSWT lecturers, experts from the Agriculture Training Centre Triesdorf, other external specialists

Other languages

professional translation into Russian, Ukrainian, Armenian, Kazakh, Uzbek and other languages possible

What is included in the price for the certificate course?

These services are included in the course fee:

  • Course fees
  • Transfer from arrival airport & to departure airport
  • Travel health insurance & liability insurance
  • Drinks and coffee breaks
  • Professional translation of the course and teaching materials (translated into the language of your choice)
  • Trips and excursions

The following costs are not included in the course fees, but may be offered in addition:

  • Accommodation in campus hotel or 3* hotels with breakfast.
  • Meals (lunch & dinner)
  • Additional cultural programmes during free time

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