Field botany certificate in Freising

BANU Field Botany Certificate Southern Bavaria - Silver & Bronze

With the silver and bronze certificate examinations, the HSWT offers naturalists, students and experts the opportunity to have their knowledge of field botany officially recognised by the BANU certificate.

Your training in a nutshell
  • Duration  1 day
  • Language  German
  • Location  Campus Weihenstephan
HSWT Certificate
Admission requirements
  • advanced knowledge
  • several years of field experience and identification practice
Target group

All those interested in nature, students, employees in official and voluntary nature conservation and planning offices

Group size

min. 30 – max. 60


Exam 50 Euro p.p.

Field botany courses: Determining the biodiversity of southern Bavaria

Knowledge of species is an important tool in natural history (citizen science) when mapping and evaluating rare and protected species, in practical nature conservation work, in agriculture and forestry and, last but not least, in science. The field botany certificates issued by the "Federal Working Group of State-Owned Environmental Education Centres in Nature and Environmental Protection" (BANU) can be used to prove and document the botanical species knowledge acquired during training and/or self-study.

The BANU has developed a nationwide certification system that is comparable and defines a transparent, high standard. At the HSWT, the silver and bronze certificates can be achieved through appropriate species knowledge in field botany.

Field botany certificate: procedure & contents of the exam

The BANU field botany certificates demonstrate knowledge of different species.

  • Silver field botany certificate:

For the silver certificate, knowledge of over 400 vascular plant species and their family affiliation is tested. Participants must also demonstrate the correct naming of 20 genera and 15 families. Obtaining the silver certificate also requires expertise in identifying unknown species.

Several years of field experience and identification practice are required to master this knowledge.

List of the 400 species to be tested


  • Bronze field botany certificate:

The bronze certificate requires knowledge of 200 vascular plant species and their family affiliation. In the examination, 20 randomly selected species are tested - the correct German and scientific name must be given with the corresponding family.

At least one year of field experience and study of the subject matter is required to master this basic knowledge.

List of the 200 species to be tested

Examination requirements & prerequisites for the certificate examinations

The examinations require at least 80 % of the points to be achieved: If participants achieve more than 90%, the Field Botany certificate is awarded with distinction.

Further information on examination requirements & examination standards for certificates in field botany.

The examination requirements are part of the project "Qualification and certification of species experts" of the nationwide working group of state-run environmental education centres in nature and environmental protection (BANU). As part of the project, nationally valid examination requirements for various groups of organisms are being developed and qualification events designed to meet these requirements

Target group & gradations of the field botany certificates

The qualification and certification programme is aimed at all those interested in nature, students, staff in official and voluntary nature conservation and planning offices.

Participation in an examination is independent of the place and period of knowledge acquisition. The Field Botany certificate course is divided into five independent examinations:

  • Field botany certificate
  • Field botany certificate
  • Field Botany Certificate
  • Certificate Field Botany Grasses
  • Certificate Field Botanical Methods

The HSWT offers the bronze and silver certificates, which are also interesting for nature enthusiasts outside of professional field botany as milestones on the way to the gold qualification.

Examination management

Lageplan der Gebäude F am Campus Weihenstephan.


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Department of Forestry
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