• Project Day on Climate Protection

Climate Camp for Pupils

What is climate change and how can I stop it? In our climate camp, students aged 16 and over learn what climate protection means.

Your climate camp in a nutshell
  • Duration  3 hours
  • Language  German
  • Location  Campus Triesdorf / Campus Weihenstephan
HSWT Certificate
Target Audience
Group size

max. 30 participants


Professors and staff of the HSWT as well as external guest speakers

Why climate & sustainability camps for young people?

One of the biggest challenges facing our society is climate change and the associated far-reaching changes, such as the expansion of renewable energies. Everyone is affected by this, and students are also asking themselves what they can personally contribute to climate protection.

With our climate and sustainability camps for pupils, we want to inform young people about current trends, scenarios and action strategies for climate protection using action and experience-oriented methods and motivate them to take active and appropriate action. For this purpose, we offer different focus topics and with varying methodology.

Short theoretical inputs on climate change together with active participation and self-experience, as well as a final reflection on possible strategies for everyone - these are our teaching methods that bring theoretical knowledge to life.

Examples of experiential learning in our climate camps include formats such as augmented reality, escape games, field trips and hands-on and experimental stations. Practical experience and self-awareness are always in the foreground.

Are you a teacher at a school and would like to organise a workshop for your class together with us? Then please contact us.

Procedure & Organisation of the Climate Camp

  • Welcome & introduction to climate change
  • Climate Escape Game: Mobile learning space with augmented reality, audio recordings, video animations and technically prepared props for active participation
  • Interactive hands-on stations: Climate-friendly future in the areas of food, mobility, energy, consumption
  • Options for action: What can we all contribute to climate protection?
  • Issue of the certificate of participation

What is the Climate Escape Game?

Escape Game "Climate Professionals - Saving Tomorrow"

as part of the Climate Camps of the University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf
in cooperation with the Domberg Academy

A storm tide is threatening Venice and only you and your team can save the city from the flood. But you don't have much time ...

The Escape Game "Climate Professionals - Saving Tomorrow" is an exciting game about the challenges of climate change. In addition to the game, in which you solve puzzles under time pressure to save Venice from destruction, you learn more about options for action to save our climate.

Who can register for the climate course?

The Climate Change Action Course is open to all students aged 16 and over. Young people under the age of 16 need their parents' permission to register and participate. Please ask your parents to send us an informal consent form by email: weiterbildung.klima@hswt.de

If you are over 16, you can simply register for the climate change course here.

Where does the student course on climate, sustainability & environmental protection take place?

Bayerische Karte mit den Standorten der zwei HSWT Campus.

The Climate Camp will take place at both campuses of the University of Applied Sciences.

In Triesdorf you have to go to building E, room E.010
The address is: Markgrafenstr. 16, 91746 Weidenbach.

In Weihenstephan you have to go to building D1, room D1.310
The address is: Am Staudengarten 1, 85354 Freising

Cooperation Partner: Domberg Academy