Prof. Dr. Sebastian Peisl

Physical and technical basics, process engineering in the field

Am Staudengarten 10
85354 Freising

Offices and functions at the HSWT

01.11.2012 until 31.08.2014

President of the State Institute for Viticulture and Horticulture

01.03.2006 until 31.10.2012

Vice President for Research and Development

01.03.2006 until 31.10.2012

Director of the Federal Research Station of Horticulture Weihenstephan, therein additionally director of the Institute of Horticulture until 31.10.2012

01.03.2003 until 28.02.2005

Dean of the Faculty GL

01.03.2001 until 28.02.2003

Vice department chair of the department GL

03.11.1999 until 15.03.2003

Member of the Examination Commission of the Department GL

01.03.1999 until 28.02.2003

Programme Director of the Department GL

01.03.1997 until 01.03.2005

Member of the Faculty Council of the GL Department


Appointment at the University of applied sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf

Research projects