Prof. Dr. Norbert Huber

Thermodynamics, heat transfer, technical fluid mechanics, refrigeration, ventilation and air conditioning technology

Porträt von Norbert Huber, Professor an der HSWT.
Steingruberstraße 2
91746 Weidenbach
Representative for the practical semesters
International Representative for International University Contacts
Member of the Representative Assembly of the Erlangen-Nuremberg Student Union
Head of the Thermodynamics Laboratory
HSWT contact person for the Master's degree programme in Energy Management and Technology
Climate-neutral energy systems (lecture part)

Fundamentals of climate protection and climate change

Climate Neutral Energy Systems (Lecture, Exercise)

Basics Renewable Energies

Heat pumps and refrigeration systems

Climate Neutral Energy Systems (Lecture)

Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer

Fluid Mechanics II

Climate-neutral energy systems (practical course)

Thermal engineering practical course

Technology of Renewable Energies (Lecture, Exercise)


Heat transfer

Refrigeration, ventilation and air-conditioning technology

Thermal energy storage

Master's Programme Environmental Engineering ( Lecture, Seminar)

Combined heat and power generation

Master's Programme Environmental Engineering, Energy Management and Technology ( Lecture, Seminar, Exercise)

Innovation and Creativity in Technology

Sustainable Mobility

Research projects