Wasserwirtschaft-Studierende nehmen Wasserproben nahe eines Kraftwerks

Study water management in Triesdorf

Engineering Water Management

Water is life and the water for life is becoming increasingly scarce. Help shape the future of water management - on the Water Management Engineering degree programme.

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No new students will be enrolled on the Water Management Engineering degree programme from the winter semester 2024/25.

If you are interested in topics related to water and water supply, our Environmental Engineering degree programme could be right for you. This programme also offers excellent career opportunities. Find out more now on our homepage.

Bachelor's degree programme in Water Management Engineering at the HSWT

More water, more climate, more environment, more energy, more digitalisation, more practice, more enjoyment of studying and less ballast - these aspects characterise the Water Management degree programme at Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences. Thanks to its modern orientation, the Water Management Engineering degree programme qualifies students for work in a future-proof, fulfilling working environment. Studying water management means combating climate change with creative, effective solutions. The students in Triesdorf take up this challenge in order to shape a sustainable society and environment.

Contents of the water management degree programme in Triesdorf

Studierende der Wasserwirtschaft tragen Bauhelme während einer Exkursion.

The topic of water permeates almost all facets of life:

  • from the supply of the most important foodstuff,
  • protection of health and the environment through the treatment and utilisation of wastewater
  • to climate change adaptation strategies with the keywords flash floods, flooding, urban climate or sustainable Agriculture.

Students who decide to study water management will face a variety of technical, economic and social challenges in the future.

The aim of the Bachelor's degree programme in Water Management Engineering is - in addition to laying the technical foundations - to develop enthusiasm and creativity among students for these environmental and water technology challenges.

The teaching content of this environmental degree programme is just as comprehensive as the range of topics:

  • Theoretical foundations in hydrology, urban water management, hydrology, as well as physics, maths and chemistry
  • practical consolidation through excursions, internships, computer modelling & project work on practical engineering cases, individually and in student teams
  • wide-ranging professional support from lecturers and a close professional network of companies, engineering offices, associations and specialised authorities
  • Faultless equipment of the campus' own laboratories & their hardware and software equipment

Water & Environment: The Water Management degree programme consists of these modules

In the 1st and 2nd semesters, you will learn the general principles of maths, science and water management. In addition, you will specialise by taking elective modules, depending on your inclination - for example, language courses or seminars in selected technical subjects.

In the 3rd and 4th semesters of the water management degree programme, you will specialise in water management and engineering subjects, which are supplemented by the economics module and other compulsory elective modules.

In the 5th semester, you will work on a practical project during a 20-week work placement, during which you will learn to work independently and scientifically.

In the 6th and 7th semesters, you will deepen your analytical skills through three projects and the Bachelor's thesis on a water and environmental topic. During the final phase of your Bachelor's degree, you will learn about other key topics in water management, such as water supply and wastewater utilisation for developing countries.

Career prospects after graduating in water management engineering

Wasserwirtschaft-Absolvent vor einer Schaltzentrale für Abwassersteuerung

Sustainable water management helps to mitigate or even prevent the consequences of man-made climate change such as flooding, drinking water shortages, drought and heavy rainfall events. The qualified training at HSWT gives you the opportunity to see and understand the challenges in water management and to develop customised solutions. As an engineer in water management, this future-proof labour market presents you with exciting tasks every day.

Examples of areas of work in the water and environment sector include

  • Companies in all areas of water management (hydraulic engineering, water supply, wastewater & sewage sludge treatment)
  • as experts in service companies or as project engineers in planning & consulting companies
  • in associations & interest groups in the commercial sector as water & wastewater experts
  • in development departments of commercial companies as specialists for drinking water, wastewater, sewage sludge, hydraulic engineering & watercourse restoration
  • in the public sector as water management experts at municipal, district, state and federal level, in national and international environmental organisations and on behalf of development aid organisations
  • in research institutes & higher authorities
  • as independent entrepreneurs, consultants and experts

Dual study programme in water management at the HSWT

At Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences, you have the opportunity to study water management as a course with intensive practical work.

Participants on the dual study programme in Water Management Engineering broaden their horizons during the lecture-free periods, in the practical semester and when writing their Bachelor's thesis in the partner companies of the CO2 initiative. These companies represent the entire professional field for the Water Management Engineering degree programme - from planning and consulting to machine and plant manufacture and construction.

Contact for the degree programme with in-depth practical experience

Study water management: These are the requirements for admission

There are no special admission restrictions for the Water Management Engineering degree programme. As stated on the information page Application for the degree programme, please submit these documents online in the application portal of the University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf:

  • Entrance qualification for a university degree programme (General Higher Education Entrance Qualification, Advanced Technical College Entrance Qualification)
  • If applicable, preliminary examination documentation or APS examination certificate for foreign prospective students
  • Proof of sufficient German language skills, if applicable
  • Current curriculum vitae

You will be informed about the status of your admission authorisation and the next steps in the application portal.

You will gain this experience while studying water management in Triesdorf

  • Experience: The predecessor water degree programme, which has been established for many years, enjoys an excellent reputation.
  • Excellence: The Water Management Engineering degree programme is unique in this form in Germany, as the content has been adapted to the changing requirements of climate change and digitalisation.
  • Practical relevance: The water management degree programme is also offered as a dual course with intensive practical work.

degree programme ambassador

Porträt von Lisa-Marie Kardatzki, Studiengangsbotschafterin Umweltsicherung

When choosing a degree programme, it makes sense to talk to students in order to get a lively impression of the course. There are topics and questions that are best answered authentically by students. Lisa-Marie Kardatzki is therefore active for you as a degree programme ambassador. You can get in touch with her and ask your individual questions: lisa-marie.kardatzki@student.hswt.de

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