• Duration: 01.04.2022 – 30.09.2023
  • : Climate change
  • Research status:  Closed

Climate-efficient management of Forests and use of wood-based resources (KlimaHolz)

The climate protection effects of forests and wood utilization in Europe are currently being discussed very controversially. In particular, the use of wood for energy is considered to be more harmful to the climate than the build-up of wood stocks and dead wood in the forests. For robust comparisons of the climate change mitigation effects of forests and wood-based resources, long-term periods for forest management and wood use make it appropriate to use analysis methods that include long-term effects of all sectors involved and socio-economic criteria.

Results of the project

You can find all the results in the long version of the study.

Aims of the project

The aim of the research and development project was to perform an prospective LCA including the calcualtioin of GHG balances of forests and the material and energetic use of wood to comparable periods of time and system boundaries and to take sink, storage, and substitution effects of selected utilization(scenarios along all sectors involved into account. Scenarios include "business as usual" and alternative scenarios with restrictions on forest use and increased harvesting towards climate fit forests. From the results of the scenarios recommendations for increasing the climate-efficient use of forests and of efficient use of wood as a material and energy source will be derived for Europe and Germany.


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Project execution


Adressierte SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)