Atlas Cedar - Cedrus atlantica

Bavarian State Forestry: Because the climate is changing the forest

Drawn tree of an Atlas cedar, Cedrus atlantica

As Germany's largest forestry enterprise, the Bavarian State Forestry Service, as a public law institution (ÄöR), has been managing an area of about 800,000 hectares since July 2005 - 755,000 of which are forest areas. The Bavarian State Forests sponsor an Atlas cedar (Cedrus atlantica) for the arboretum.

The tree sponsor of the Atlas cedar, Cedrus atlantica

The Atlas cedar is one of the woody plants with which the Bavarian State Forests are also starting targeted controlled practical cultivation trials against climate change. Ideally, the cedars, as a supplement to widespread native tree species such as oak or rarer native tree species such as wild service trees, will make Bavarian forests more sustainable and enrich them. This way, the company pursues a similar goal to the HSWT's arboretum. But that is not the only connection to the University of Applied Sciences: among the approximately 2,700 staff of the Bavarian State Forests are many good professionals who completed their studies at the HSWT. In addition, board member Reinhardt Neft has been a member of the HSWT's university council since mid-March 2021, making him one of the university's central bodies. "The HSWT and the Bavarian State Forests have long enjoyed a trusting partnership," explains Neft, on whose initiative the tree sponsorship is based. "For me, the forest is home," the board member and university councillor continues.

The forest is at the centre of the corporate tasks of the Bayerische Staatsforsten: 41 forestry operations with around 370 hunting grounds manage the state forest according to clear legal guidelines and standards, but above all, with a view to a triad of ecology, economy and social issues. The aspect of sustainability applies to the long-term preservation of the forest as an ecological resource. The corresponding task spectrum ranges from near-natural silviculture with forest maintenance measures and sustainable timber supply to hunting and wildlife management and to nature conservation and recreation concepts. Therefore, "sustainable management" means using and protecting the forest - and reconciling the various, in some cases, competing interests towards the forest.

Reinhardt Neft knows: "The climate is changing: it will get warmer, droughts will increase as well as storms or heavy rainfall. The composition of the forests must keep up - a challenge for forestry!" It is good that the Bavarian State Forests can rely on the valuable support of research and teaching at the HSWT for this. A visible sign of the joint efforts will be the Atlas cedar in the arboretum.

Vollansicht einer jungen Atlas-Zeder

Moroccan, Algerian Atlas Mountains, North Africa at altitudes of 1500 - 2000 metres.

15 to 25 metres high and 10 to 15 metres wide

grey-green - bluish green, up to 2.5 cm long, on long shoots spirally solitary, on short shoots rosette-like tufts

barrel-shaped, 5 to 7 cm long, 4 cm wide

Trunk of an Atlas cedar, Cedrus atlantica
Branch of an Atlas cedar, Cedrus atlantica
Leaf of an Atlas cedar, Cedrus atlantica