Quercus alba - American White Oak

Responsible by tradition: the Bank of Freising

Drawn leaf of American white oak, Quercus alba

As a cooperative bank in the city's heart, the Bank of Freising is locally anchored and nationally networked. It is democratically organised, committed to its members and creates life values across generations. Its tree sponsorship in the arboretum in 2021 fits this tradition: the Bank of Freising donates an American white oak (Quercus alba).

The tree sponsors of the American White Oak, Quercus alba
Andrea Stommel and Reinhard Schweiger for the Bank of Freising

Taking responsibility and shaping the future are the Bank of Freising's central goals - whether for the regional economy, the environment or people. That includes acting in partnership as well as supporting social, sustainable or cultural organisations and projects. "For us, a tree sponsorship is a small personal contribution to protecting the climate and the environment," says Reinhard Schwaiger. The 57-year-old trained banker has been with the Bank of Freising since 2013 and Chairman of the Board since June 2016. Especially the oak radiates calm, confidence and strength for him. "In the arboretum, this oak will be one of many trees planted to help create a green oasis of well-being near the city centre. It will provide shade, and, for the receptive, it will tell a story," Schwaiger is convinced.

With almost 200 staff and one billion euros in total assets, the Bank of Freising is a leading financial service provider in the city and district of Freising. As a reliable, modern training company, a responsible employer and as a bank with heart and morals, it focuses on the members life goals and wishes. In the coming decades, the cooperative bank is counting on the transparency, perseverance and appreciation for the commitment and initiative of the HSWT. "We should generally support each other to improve!" is Schwaiger's credo. Depending on his time slot, he would try to be out and about on the green campus sometimes because spending time in the fresh air is good for you and not only promotes physical exercise, but also mental and emotional agility. "In me, touching an ancient tree creates a strengthening positive and special feeling," he explains his love for trees. And so they also and over all have an ideal value for him: because as places of strength and memory, they will be preserved for future generations.

His wish for the future of these generations is: "That it is a matter of course for them to deal responsibly with the valuable resources of our world." Every single one of us can already contribute to this today. "Many small people in many small places, taking many small steps, can change the face of the world," says Reinhard Schwaiger. The Freisinger Bank oak tree will be a visible witness to such a step in the arboretum. In 50 years, it will tell of its tree patron's traditional roots with the region - and her sense of responsibility.


Young tree of the American White Oak, Quercus alba

Distribution: Eastern North America, state tree of the US states of Connecticut, West Virginia and Maryland.

Size: 25 to 30 metres high and 15 to 20 metres wide

Leaves: deciduous, alternate, funnel-shaped, bent, up to 20 cm long, 9 cm wide, purple-red to purple-brown autumn colours

Flower: yellow-green

Fruits: acorns, short stalked

Image of the trunk of American White Oak, Quercus alba
Branches of American White Oak, Quercus alba
Foliage of American White Oak, Quercus alba