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CCW4 - Climate Conference Weihenstephan

CCW4 - Climate Conference Weihenstephan

Climate Conference Weihenstephan is an annual event organised by the students of the master´s programme Business Management and Entrepreneurship Renewable Energies.

In the role play each team presents which climate protection measures the respective countries are already taking and then evaluate how sufficient they are and develop improvements and alternatives.

In addition, the teams will identify which kind of support the participating countries need for their actions and how collaboration can be organised efficiently.  Finally, the parties agree on contributions to slow down climate change and sign the elaborated climate protection agreement.

Who can come?

Students, HSWT staff and faculties. 

Does it cost entrance fee?

No, but we would be very happy about donations for Ukraine. For example via:


Aktionsbündnis Katastrophenhilfe

Spendenkonto: Commerzbank

IBAN: DE65 100 400 600 100 400 600


Stichwort: ZDF Nothilfe Ukraine



07.07.2022 bis 07.07.2022


09:00 bis 14:00 Uhr


Am Staudengarten 1 - 85354 Freising | Gebäude D1 | Hörsaal D1.401 + D1.402




Fakultät WF - Studiengang Business Management und Entrepreneurship Erneuerbare Energien (Master)


Prof. Dr. Anne Kress

T +49 8161 71-2580
anne.kress [at]

Prof. Dr. iur. Tanja Barton

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