Demonstration garden for balcony plants

Our demonstration sites feature existing, well-known plants alongside new varieties of balcony flowers, some of which are still being tested. Some of the species and varieties have not yet passed their tests and are therefore still being subjected to rigorous assessments by experts.

Yellow/blue flower box
Yellow/blue flower box
Balcony plants
Balcony plants

The balcony area includes numerous examples of arrangements divided into colour and, more traditionally, into main, companion and hanging plants. Thanks to the precise labelling of the plants used, visitors can always familiarise themselves with new plants or recreate the example arrangements on their own balconies.

Before the start of the balcony season, the flower boxes are filled with striking and colourful spring flowering plants, the classic array of primroses, violas and bulbs being complemented by the beautiful flowers and leaves of early-flowering herbaceous perennials.

Once the flowers have finished blooming on the balconies at the end of October, autumn plants, such as charming perennials, grasses and herbs together with tried-and-tested chrysanthemums, cyclamens and heathers, are used to fill the flower boxes.


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Design and maintenance of the site


The garden is located on the premises of the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences, "Am Staudengarten 10", 85354 Freising.

Opening times

The flower boxes and containers are put in place after the end of the cold spell in mid-May known as the blackthorn winter. The site is open to visitors every day during daylight hours until the start of October.

Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times.

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