Student.Card – your multi-functional student identity card

All students receive a credit card-sized identity card with an embedded microchip. The card is personalised with surname, forename, date of birth and photograph.

Production and distribution

The card is issued to new students by the departments.

Issuing a replacement card

If the card is lost or damaged, a replacement card can be produced. As long as the damage is not the student's own fault, this is free of charge. Otherwise, a cost contribution of € 15 is charged. Contact student administration.


ID card

The Student.Card is valid straight away as your student ID. You will, however, also receive the usual concertina-folded paper ID document, since some institutions (such as the Zentraler Hochschulsport München) cannot yet accept the Student.Card.

Library card

When you receive your Student.Card you automatically have an ID on the central user database of the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences Library Network and its sub-libraries and on that of the TU München and its sub-libraries. This is printed on the reverse of the card as a barcode and series of numbers and is stored on the chip. The first time you borrow from the library, however, you will have to provide your personal details. The previous library card, should you have one, must be returned when your receive the Student.Card. The Student.Card can continue to be used as a library card after the end of your study.

Using the Student.Card as a key

When you receive your Student.Card, you are automatically provided with access rights to buildings and rooms on your campus that are controlled by electronic doors. Most of these are IT rooms with access control.
Access rights at the other campus (Weihenstephan <-> Triesdorf) can be enabled on request. A simple email to helpdesk [at] is all that is required.

Using the Student.Card as a payment card

  • Two accounts
    The Weihenstephan and Triesdorf campuses are handled by two different organisations for university payments purposes – the Munich Students' Union and the Triesdorf Agricultural Education Institutes (LLA Triesdorf). The RFID chip on the Student.Card therefore has two memory segments – one for payments relating to the Munich Student Union (Munich, Freising, Rosenheim) and one for payments on the Triesdorf campus. These two account segments are entirely independent of one another and balances cannot be transferred from one to the other.
  • Topping up accounts
    Before using the card for payment, the account must be topped up at a top-up machine. You will find top-up machines at a number of places including:

    • Weihenstephan: A1.322 (EC card), A9.201 (EC card), C4.221 (cash), canteen (EC card/cash), cafeteria (cash)
    • Triesdorf: Canteen (cash), C.050.2 (cash)

    Please note that an account topped up at one site can be used only at that site.

  • Making payments
    Accounts topped up at machines at the universities in Freising, Munich and Rosenheim can be used to pay for a range of services at the specified universities, including canteen meals, vending machines and copiers and for topping up a print account. Accounts topped up at machines on the Triesdorf campus can be used to pay for a range of services at that campus, including canteen meals, vending machines and copiers.
  • Please note that surplus credit balances on the Student.Card cannot be reversed or reimbursed.

Stored data

The Student.Card has the following information printed on it:

  • Surname, forename(s), date of birth, photo, matriculation number, degree programme, expiry date, library number, serial number, account numbers for Munich Student Union and LLA Triesdorf

The Student.Card has the following information stored on the RFID chip:

  • Matriculation number, date of issue, expiry date, library number, serial number, account numbers for Munich Student Union and LLA Triesdorf, discount code for canteen meals, university number

When the library number, account numbers and serial numbers are used (library loans, top-ups, payments, room access), these are collected and stored for a limited period on back-office systems in accordance with statutory data protection regulations.


The Student.Card is valid for one semester and the expiry date is printed on the card and stored on the chip. Once re-registration for the following semester has been approved, you must renew its validity yourself by entering the card into a validation machine. You can find validation machines in the following locations:

  • Weihenstephan: Building A5 (Stammgebäude, main entrance)
  • Triesdorf: Altbau (student administration outer office)

Handling the card

The card must be handled with care. It must under no circumstances be bent, folded, scratched, pierced, exposed to heat or defaced by dirt or foreign bodies. Cards damaged in this way can cause faults at the validation machine, for which the user will be liable. Such damage can also affect functionality on Students' Union services and the entry system. You are therefore strongly advised to keep the Student.Card in the protective case designed for this purpose. You can pick these up from the relevant Department Chair's Office.

Loss of the card must be reported immediately to student administration. The card will then be blocked. Any outstanding balances can be transferred.

A processing charge of € 15 applies for issuing a new Student.Card.



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