Lost Property

Lost property found within the university buildings, on outside staircases and in inner or outer courtyards can be handed in.

  • Weihenstephan section:
    • at the Student.Service office (A6.203)
    • at the check-out desk in the university library, for items found there (A8)
    • at the relevant Department Chair's Offices
  • Triesdorf section:
    • at the Student.Service office (A.001)
    • at the helpdesk (C.102)

Staff at these locations will record the lost property in an online lost-and-found book. An up-to-date list of all items handed in is available on that page for the Weihenstephan and Triesdorf campuses.

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  • Treatment of lost property

    Low-value items (with a value of less than € 15 – particularly papers, old clothing etc.) will be kept for a month and then destroyed. Documents will be returned to the issuing authority after one month.

    All other items not collected will be announced centrally within the university by notices:

    • Weihenstephan section: on the display board in Building C4
    • Triesdorf section: on the display board in Building E.

    The notice will specify that collection of the lost property items is required within six weeks by persons entitled to claim them. Once the six-week deadline has passed, uncollected items will be publicly auctioned.

  • Notification

    Lost property office staff will try as far as possible to identify the owners or those responsible for lost property items and invite them to collect the items as soon as possible.

  • Returning lost property

    When a person claims an item of lost property it will be returned to them as long as they can prove ownership or at least validate their claim with a description of the lost property item. The person collecting the item must show ID. If the person collecting is not the person who lost the item, he/she must show written authority to collect it. In cases of doubt, or where the item is of significant value, this authority must be certified.

Lost property at Weihenstephan

Lost property at Triesdorf


Weihenstephan Helpdesk
currently not manned
helpdesk [at]hswt.de

Triesdorf Helpdesk
Room C.102
T +49 9826 654-515
helpdesk [at]hswt.de