Entitlement to view examination scripts

The period in which students can view their examination scripts in accordance with Section 14 Paragraph 6 of the general examination regulations (APO) and Section 19 Paragraph 6 of the basic regulations for the conduct of examinations (RaPO) for all examinations completed in the previous semester runs for four weeks each semester from the start of the lecture period. The location and precise dates on which the examination scripts may be viewed are determined by the examiner, but this usually takes place in the examiner’s office during their office hours. Students who have been de-registered from the university as a result of failing examinations with no further opportunities for resits may arrange an earlier appointment with the examiner(s) to view the examination script(s) in question. The Examining Committee determines the location and dates on which the scripts for examinations marked by part-time lecturers may be viewed.

Acknowledgement of academic assessments and examinations

All requests for assessments to be acknowledged must be submitted to the Student.Service office. In this request, you must select the specific academic assessments and/or examinations that you would like to count towards your degree so far.  Evidence of the results achieved, a subject description (detailed outline of the course) and information on the hours studied must be attached to the request. If the documents submitted do not clearly indicate which results you would like to be taken into account and acknowledged, we may ask you to point this out to us.

Please note that your request is only deemed to have been made once it has been received by the Student.Service office.

If a student has completed academic assessments or examinations which are recognised by the university, the time needed for these previous achievements will be taken into account when determining the semester for the current degree programme, to the extent that they are applicable.
Example: Recognised achievements which make up 16 to 45 ECs will count as 1 semester.
If numerous applications for the recognition of achievements are submitted, the ECs of all recognised achievements will be added together. A second semester will only be counted when the next threshold (46 to 75 ECs) has been reached, etc. You will be informed about whether and to what extent your achievements will be recognised in an official notice of recognition.

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Grading Scheme

The grading scheme in Germany usually comprises five levels (with numerical equivalents; intermediate grades may be given): "Sehr Gut" (1) = Very Good; "Gut" (2) = Good; "Befriedigend" (3) = Satisfactory; "Ausreichend" (4) = Sufficient; "Nicht ausreichend" (5) = Non-Sufficient/Fail. The minimum passing grade is "Ausreichend" (4). Verbal designations of grades may vary in some cases and for doctoral degrees. In addition, grade distribution tables as described in the ECTS Users' Guide are used to indicate the relative distribution of grades within a reference group.



Individual Grades


Final Grades

1,0 - 1,5excellent1,0 - 1,2excellent
1,6 - 2,5good1,3 - 1,5very good
2,6 - 3,5satisfactory1,6 - 2,5good
3,6 - 4,0sufficient2,6 - 3,5satisfactory
5,0insufficient3,6 - 4,0sufficient



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Information sheets


Applications for academic assessments and examinations to be acknowledged

Please also provide a grade transcript or a learning agreement in addition to the appropriate documentation.

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