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Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz (BAföG) - German Federal Training Assistance Act

Local responsibility

The following student union is responsible for answering questions on financial support to help you fund your studies:

Weihenstephan campus

Munich Student Union

The BAföG Advisory Service in Freising is run by the General and Social Advisory Service.
General and Social Advisory Service (Allgemeine und Soziale Beratungsstelle)
Alte Akademie 1
Room 306
85354 Freising
T +49 8161 71 - 2496
asberatung-freising [at]

Contact: Dipl.-Soz. Päd. Larissa Müller

Open consultation hours by telephone (without appointment):
Tuesday to Thursday 10:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m.

Due to the current situation, the Studentenwerk asks you to avoid personal contact and only visit their administrative offices if it is really necessary. If you need their help, please contact them by phone or email.

Triesdorf campus

Erlangen Nürnberg Student Union
Hofmannstr. 27
91052 Erlangen
T +49 91 31 - 80 02-900
F +49 91 31 - 80 02-191

The essential information needed to apply for financial support (in German) is outlined by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung).

Students in Bavaria can apply for BAföG online at

Provision of the BAföG (Federal Education and Training Assistance Act) performance record using proof of the ECTS credits achieved

Eligible students initially receive BAföG benefits for four semesters, without the progress of their studies being verified. From the fifth semester, they must provide a performance record to confirm that they have achieved at least average standards.
The performance record may be provided in the form of:

    • an intermediate examination certificate, if an intermediate examination takes place,
    • the legally required Form 5, which is completed by the university, or
    • proof of the credit points achieved so far, provided that these credit points are awarded pursuant to the ECTS system.

    The law allows students to choose whether they complete Form 5, or show their credit points score by means of a performance record.

    Defining the average ECTS credit points score for HSWT

    The BAföG does not promote elitism, and so a particularly good level of performance is not required, nor is the achievement of all credit points by the end of the respective semester as per the study and assessment regulations. An average performance is sufficient to allow students to complete their studies within the standard period of study.

    As it is up to the university to decide whether this is the case, the following credit points have been established as standard for all bachelor programmes at HSWT, university-wide:

    3rd semester60 EC
    4th semester90 EC

    If students can prove the ECTS total stated above at the end of the respective semester, the average performance in the orderly course of training up to the end of the current semester is deemed to have been achieved. Only the BAföG office may provide proof of the ECTS credit points achieved. The proof can be obtained from Student.Service.

    If a student falls short of these ECTS totals, it cannot automatically be assumed that the average performance has not been achieved. In such cases, the student can provide evidence of average achievement using Form 5. This form, and others, can be downloaded from

    Contact (Weihenstephan)

    Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf
    Am Hofgarten 4
    85354 Freising

    T +49 8161 71-5592
    F +49 8161 71-4987
    studium [at]

    Contact (Triesdorf)

    Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf
    Markgrafenstr. 16
    91746 Weidenbach

    T +49 9826 654-103
    F +49 9826 654-4103
    studium.triesdorf [at]