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Water Technology

...where one engages 'with water [...] in its various forms.'


This degree programme will no longer be offered from winter semester 2020/21.

New from the winter semester 2020/2021:

Water Technology

At a glance

Academic qualification

Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)

Duration of studies

7 semesters

Language of instruction

German (proof of proficiency is required)



Programme start date

Winter semester

Admission restrictions


Course content

If you are looking for a career that allows you to work for the benefit of your fellow man and the environment and also promises economic success, then you need look no further than a career in water technology.

This degree programme, unencumbered by conventional civil engineering and process engineering content, focuses exclusively on water as a resource in all its many facets, and is unique in Germany.

Sustainably protecting our most precious raw material—water—and ensuring its long-term availability are major challenges facing mankind. Successfully meeting these challenges requires that considerable efforts of a scientific, technological, and conceptual nature are made globally, and also in Europe and Germany.

As a student of water technology, you will be trained to become an expert not only in water supply, waste water recovery, and water management and hydraulic construction, but also in power generation and nutrient extraction from waste water and residues, irrigation technology, agriculture, and health care.

Potential employers include:

  • engineering and consultancy offices
  • machine and plant manufacturers
  • ministries and administration
  • research and development institutions
  • associations, municipal offices, and plant operators
  • development aid organisations
  • banks and insurance companies
  • distributors and trading companies

As employees with specialist technical education and training in water resource management are in extremely short supply, the career prospects are excellent.

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This degree programme will no longer be offered from winter semester 2020/21.



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