Pre-study internship

  • A six-week pre-study internship must be completed with an agricultural training company recognised in accordance with the German Vocational Training Act (Berufsbildungsgesetz).
  • Pre-study internships are not required in the case of agriculture-focused vocational training (e.g. agriculturalist, gardener, animal husbandry worker), practical training at a Fachoberschule specialising in agriculture (we recommend an internship at an agricultural company) or practical training as part of HBLA education (Federal Higher Institute for Agriculture [Höhere Bundeslehranstalt für Landwirtschaft] in Austria).
  • Pre-study internships conducted in training companies owned by parents or close relatives of students will not be recognised.
  • Pre-study internships cannot be conducted in more than one company. We do not recommend interrupting the internship.
  • Pre-study internships abroad may be recognised if conducted in a full-time agricultural business and a training contract has been concluded for the internship.
  • More detailed information and addresses for recognised training companies can be found in the database at, at the Offices for Agriculture and/or at the local offices of the Chambers of Agriculture. 
  • For more information on specific cases, please contact the Officer for Practical Training Semesters for the degree programme in question.


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