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Regional Management

Regional Management

Prof. Dr Jennifer Gerend and Prof. Dr Manfred Geißendörfer introduces the degree programme (slides and audio, in German):

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At a glance

Academic qualification

Master of Science

Duration of studies

3 semesters

Language of instruction

German (proof of proficiency is required)



Programme start date

Usually winter semester

Admission requirements

A bachelor's degree or Diplom degree certificate with the minimum final grade 'good'.

At least 20 weeks' practical experience. A detailed description can be found under 'Admission requirements'.

Course content

Regional Management is extremely diverse: It aims to develop dynamism in regions and better utilize potentials, as well as designing sustainable living areas and making them more attractive.

Students will acquire a high level of subject expertise and excellent social skills, which will enable them to assume the regional-level management roles that are commonly found in companies. They will examine the strengths and challenges of a region, learn to involve key actors, plan projects, acquire financial resources and support regional development processes.

The course is interdisciplinary with a focus on practical experience. This is achieved by drawing on the expertise of our professors, involving external experts with real-life experience as part-time lecturers, and carrying out case studies, project studies and excursions.

Die genauen Studieninhalte found at 'Profile', in the module handbook under 'Modules' and in the curriculum for the 2020/21 academic year: Studienplan SJ 2020/2021 SPO 2019 (M.Sc.).

Professional fields: Managers for regional development

A wide variety of task sawait the graduates in regional management. For more precise details regarding job opportunities, simply go to 'Absolventenprofile' (graduate profiles).

Already familiar with our 'management regional' newsletter?

Our annual newsletter examines the current issues and challenges in regional development in a series of short articles contributed by our lecturers and students. 2021 topic: Placemaking - gemeinsam Orte des Zusammenlebens und des Wohlbefindens schaffen.

Newsletter 2021 (in German)

All issues of our newsletter are available here.






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